Wide body, stomp, hard look. The more masculine boots are ideal for colder winter days. A street style to bring the heat in the feet and therefore not eliminate failures to dress thanks to these looks.The heels and the most feminine styles stay for a moment shoemaker.


THE MORE MASCULINE BOOTS ASK MORE FEMININE LOOKSPanama Jack the lifetime of the patent boots. The first are combined with striped skinny jeans and worn, while the latter was partying with a similar model but that is renewed and more details if you have just mixed successfully with a capri jumpsuit and a long coat in camel.

The military boots have welcomed warmly multiple buckles this winter . One way to break the male side but still with the same shoe in looks that work for the day. Straight and double-breasted coats with warm sweaters.

And if the robustness of these models escapes your style snake boots are an alternative. Easy to skate but perfect for breaking in a correct and casual with tones of winter look.