Choosing A Bra: The Worst Mistakes To Avoid

Finding that perfect bra is tough, no matter what your size. It may be more so if you happen to be small-busted. Most bra companies mainly cater to sizes C and beyond, leaving scraps for the more petite ladies. Small busted women need bras too. Whether you are an A cup or a DD, you need support and lift because of one thing: gravity. A well-fitting bra can help prevent even the least amount of breast tissue from stretching and sagging.

Finding The Right Bra For The Smaller Bust

Bra companies are now taking notice, opening boutiques like Lulalu that cater to women with smaller breast sizes ( AAA AA A B). Still, how do you find the right one for you? Here is a guide and tips to look out for when it comes to bra shopping for a smaller bustline.

1. Look at Cup Spacing

So much of the bra-shopping process is based on the cup size (or letter), but some experts say the secret to achieving the best fit may be in how the cups are spaced out on a bra. A bra with touching cups isn’t ideal for the smaller chest. Instead, look for one with a one-inch gap between the cups so that they sit over the breast rather than toward the center.

2. Wear Lace

Lace, for example, will fit you better than elastic synthetic fabrics. So, instead of wearing a stretchy synthetic material, choose lace. It will suit you better and provide more support.

3. Embrace a PushUp

Say no to padded bras and embrace a pushup bra instead. Padded bras tend to create a gap at the cleavage line. A pushup with a padded lift at the bottom will lift enough for your breasts to fill the cups better.

4. Know What You Want Your Bra To Do

Do you want to create an overall smoothness? Give your cleavage a bit more form, lift, and shape? Either way, it can help in your selection if you know what you want out of your bra.

Best Bra Style For Small Breasts

With tons of bra styles out there that look super cute and sexy, you may find yourself purchasing your bra because of appearance instead of a function, only to get home to find it just doesn’t work. Bras that flatter smaller breast sizes the best are wireless bras or bralettes. Both are comforting, fitting, and contour the breast’s natural shape for a smooth look under your clothes. Other bra styles that work with a small bustline are:

  • T-Shirt
  • Balconette
  • Demi Cup
  • Push up
  • Sports bra
  • T back bra


However, comfort and feeling good in the bra is your golden ticket.