Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe

Today, a classic turtleneck is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, since it is difficult to find a more versatile piece of clothing that fits almost to any occasion and image. Meanwhile, there are many varieties of traditional badlon, which differ from knitted “noodles” with a throat design and material. Add to this the abundance of various colors, and the question of what you can wear a women’s turtleneck will regain its relevance.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe

The main types of turtleneck

A turtleneck, a thin sweater or a high-necked sweater, is called differently, some by noodles, some by badloons, and others by golf. The noodles are associated with vertical knitted patterns like “elastic bands”, golf refers to the well-known elite game, and the first name is associated with those who wear similar clothing once divers wore diving suits. All these names have the right to exist, as well as the following types of turtlenecks:

  • with the big and small throat;
  • with short, long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or no sleeves at all;
  • long and short;
  • from combined fabrics, cotton, knitwear, guipure, wool, viscose, acrylic, stretch, and other materials;
  • light and warm, dense and transparent;
  • with cutouts, inserts;
  • loose and fit.

What to wear with a high throat blouse at different times of the year?

The answer to the question of how to properly wear a women’s turtleneck and look fashionable depends largely on the appropriateness of the dress. Last but not least, the onion and composition are influenced by the climate and the season.


In winter, warm models of wool, dense knitwear, products of coarse and fine knitting, with a high neck, are appropriate. They can be worn with tight trousers of different styles (flared, narrowed, straight, shortened), jeans, warm skirts made of tweed, wool. Short fluffy fur coats, parks, elegant coats with fur collars, down jackets and sheepskin coats look good with women’s turtlenecks. Beautiful knitted hats, mittens, boots or high fur boots will add warmth.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe


It would seem that summer is not the best time to wear a turtleneck with a throat. However, this light sweater is useful in the evening and at night, when the hot sun sets over the horizon and dusk falls to the earth. Knitted badlon in combination with your favorite jeans, sneakers or sneakers, vest, leather, windbreaker or denim jacket is ideal for an evening, a night walk around the city, along the seashore, for riding on a boat on the rivers and canals, useful in a hike or in the countryside in the country.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe

In the afternoon, you can combine a turtleneck with a throat of lightweight material, cotton, stretch, viscose with shorts and skirts, sundresses, sports pants. An elegant summer look will help you create a guipure or lace model in tandem with a beautiful sundress, a dress in a linen style, a straw hat, a tutu skirt or a jumpsuit.

Spring and autumn

In unstable weather, typical of the off-season, women’s turtleneck can help out in any situation. You can go to work on it, combining with a business trouser suit, a strict jacket, and a pencil skirt. For shopping and walking with friends, a safe tandem of jeans, ankle boots, and a trench coat over his shoulders, or a light oversized coat will do. Lacy badlon in combination with high heel shoes and leather skirt, leggings, spectacular necklace and clutch will help to create a provocative and bright image.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe

Trendy Turtleneck Looks

As you know, women’s wardrobe should consist of several basic things and bright accents, accessories, fashion trends, combining which you can create dozens of different images for all occasions. As for the turtlenecks, stylists recommend acquiring several copies at once. For example, classic white, gray, black and red badlon with a throat is combined with almost any clothing, so they are used as basic elements of the wardrobe, as in the photo.

The original models of transparent, combined fabrics, with cutouts and other design delights, fit a particular style, so each woman decides whether to buy and wear them. The only “contraindication” for the purchase of a classic model with a throat is its ability to emphasize shape, without hiding the flaws of the figure. Therefore, curvy ladies are not recommended to abuse the fitting styles, it is better to choose a sweater of a more loose cut or a model with a large, voluminous viscous.

Business style

Women’s turtleneck in an office bow – a classic of the genre. Choose black, gray, beige or wine models with a throat and wear them with classic jackets and jackets, trousers, skirts, and even sundresses. Boat shoes and a neutral decoration (pendant on a thin chain, a scarf, a leather bag for documents will emphasize the severity of the image.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe


The boho style is bright and unpredictable, and it is embarrassed by long colorful skirts, eye-catching accessories, lace, colorful sandals, leather jewelry. A dark turtleneck will help balance a colorful look and bring together a spectacular jacket, suede boots, a fringe shoulder bag and a luxurious skirt with laces, frill, and colorful inserts.


In some images of retro style turtleneck is simply indispensable. Wear it with flared trousers, as in the photo below, and a free coat, with a long gode skirt and beret, and an option with a fluffy skirt, hair in curls and a hair bandage made of a silk scarf.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe


What can I wear with a turtleneck lover of the classical style? With straight and wide trousers, fitted jackets, long skirts, and pencil skirts. A wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, a bright neckerchief and a handbag over the shoulder will help dilute the image. Ideal for a one-tone badlon shoes with heels, a skirt on the knee-length or slightly below, a small pendant or necklace, clutch, classic coat or trench coat, feminine coat.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe


To create a romantic look in a tandem with a classic black or another monophonic turtleneck, you will need a skirt or a dress-dress with frills and ruffs trimmed along the hem with lace. Classic pumps, ballet flats or mules can be combined with a white ballet bag with a short sleeve and a fluffy guipure skirt, a tutu skirt, a short leather jacket or a feminine jacket.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe


Casual style to denim, and jeans of any style, as a rule, ideally combined with solid colors of all colors, from a bottle and yellow to lilac and blue. With a golf sweater, you can wear culottes or chinos, mini-skirts and ankle boots, boots with tractor soles, complementing the outfit with a beautiful oversized coat, fitted model, trench coat or leather jacket.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe

Sport chic

This controversial style is not everyone likes. However, with proper taste and experience, it allows you to create an interesting and extraordinary, but at the same time, comfortable image for every day. Women seeking to look fashionable prefer to wear classic black, white or red noodles with a throat with sports pants with stripes of the same color, sneakers, and sneakers. Another interesting solution is a tandem of training pants made of silky fabric, a thin sleeveless turtleneck, and a light transparent blouse worn under a turtleneck. Neutral option – knit skirt, short turtleneck, and sneakers, as in the photo.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe

Material compatibility

When choosing the details of one bow with the participation of a golf sweater, one should be guided not only by style, type of figure, occasion or season but also by how different textures and materials look together. For example, women’s Badlon of thin, light, transparent and openwork fabrics are recommended to be worn with silk, cotton, lace skirts, summer trousers, sundresses, dresses, short shorts, denim. Warm models of wool, acrylic, tight-knit and embossed texture with knitted patterns will be properly combined with jeans, leather clothing, tweed pants, warm costume fabric, the same skirts, and dresses.

Popular color compositions

As a rule, plain classic turtlenecks with a throat (red, black, white, gray, beige) are perfectly combined with any clothing. If you are not sure of the correct choice of colors, try a win-win option – the total onion fashionable this season. An outfit completely in one color (for example, white, beige, wine, dark blue or black) always looks elegant, beautiful and stylish. The same can be said about the tandem of pink and gray, white and black, bottle and dark brown, blue and beige, gold and black.

Turtleneck In A Women's Wardrobe

To choose the right color scheme, use the classic recommendations:

  • no more than 2 main and 2 additional (accent) shades in one image;
  • it is possible to combine different prints, patterns, smooth, openwork and other textured materials with monochromatic noodles;
  • use the adjacent (related) or opposite tones of the color wheel;
  • Focus on your own color type, skin tone, eye color, hair.

If in your wardrobe there are no two or three turtlenecks yet, it’s time to get them. This item of women’s wardrobe is unlikely to ever go out of fashion, and you can wear it with a variety of things, as part of the images for any occasion.

By Madani