Dresses From Knitwear - Stylish And Comfortable

Knitwear – stylish convenience

For such a convenient invention as knitwear, we should be grateful to one modest master from Cambridge. At the end of the 16th century, William Lee (so his name) gave the world a knitting machine. Of course, it was just a simple prototype of the most complex knitting machines that are used today by knitwear manufacturers. And, although his inventor was an Englishman, the word “knitwear” has French roots – “tricoter” means “knit” in French. Probably, because it was the French who first fell in love with knitwear with all their heart and firmly put it on their lists of basic necessities.

Today knitwear is an integral part of any wardrobe not only of the French but of the inhabitants of the whole world. Modern fashion is inconceivable without it. Things from this material are also among fashionistas who prefer expensive dresses from knitwear and the girls are more modest, who wear simple clothes. It is not avoided by men or children, neither young nor elderly. Because, first of all, the jersey is very convenient.Dresses From Knitwear - Stylish And Comfortable

Knitwear and designers – love at first sight

Knitwear can be seen everywhere – and on fashion shows by the most eminent fashion designers, and at any branded clothing store.

Almost all famous designers have in their collections products made of knitwear. The famous Coco Chanel was very fond of working with this material. One of her favorites was jersey – jersey, which does not crumble.

And Eve-Saint-Laurent, who simply conquered women with his own styles of black knitted sweatshirts?

However, the designers of Missoni-Rosita and Ottavio, the brand “Haute Couture”, decided for the first time to make a collection of knitwear. And it was in the far 60s of the 20th century.

Since then, more than 50 years have passed, and fashion trends in women’s clothing are still inconceivable without dresses, sweaters, skirts, jackets, and cardigans from knitwear.

And yes, we will not forget to mention the wonderful inventor Sonya Rikel – it was she who first made collections of knitted goods with out-turned sutures. And it was that, 43 years ago – in 1974. For which we are very grateful, are not we? For example, even to think today is difficult, that in the wardrobe there were no things with inverted seams. It looks so stylish that it does not spoil either the image of a successful woman or the image of a teenage fashionista.

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What is a jersey?

At its core, knitwear is knitted material. It is knitted, not woven. Therefore, it is not even very correct to call knitwear a fabric. It is a material different from the fabric by the way it is made. Knitwear is knitted with loops, and the fabric is weaved, perpendicular to the twisting of the yarn. It is due to the fact that it is knitting, and not perpendicular interlacing – knitted fabric is elastic and so comfortable to wear.

We believe that it was because of the convenience that it became so popular all over the world.

Of course, the quality of knitwear is as different as the quality of any other fabric.

There is jersey, from which you can sew quality clothing, but sometimes, alas, no.

Therefore, before buying yourself a new brand of knitwear, it is better to trust the famous brands. Because in factories where they sew expensive women’s clothing or clothes of an average level of value, they necessarily control the purchase or even the production of fabrics and materials with which they work.Dresses From Knitwear - Stylish And Comfortable

How to wear knitwear

From knitwear sew anything today. In stores, you can buy an elegant cape knitwear, T-shirt and a simple and elegant knitted dress, shorts and unpretentious, and strict knit pants and sweatpants. The choice is great. Everyone understands how, where and with what to wear a T-shirt, shorts or trousers. But here’s the dress …

If you want to look elegant and noble in a knitted brand dress, you need to know a few rules.

So, how to wear knitted dresses:

  • Rule one. Since knitwear is the elastic material, it fits the figure very well. And then all its shortcomings become visible. To avoid this, you need to follow certain rules. Because it will be insulting if you bought an expensive knitted dress, but your inability to wear it, spoiled all the joy of owning such a thing. So, if your tight-fitting dress is a strict silhouette, then it should be worn so that the underwear is not allocated. Underwear, which crashes into your body, and from above hang overweight – this is the top of bad taste. Therefore, the first rule of the socks of an adjacent knitted dress is to do everything you can to ensure that the underwear does not stand out. For example, buy tightening underwear, put on pulling tights, buy underwear, which does not stand out.
  • The second rule, which follows from the first. Do not wear a tight, even very impressive, knitted dress, if you are not sure of the ideality of your figure. If this dress does not have a lining (lining hides flaws), if it is to you end-to-end (see point one).
  • The third rule, concerning a business knitted dress. It says: a business knitted dress should sit perfectly on you. It should not be screaming colors, but also strongly pastel should also be avoided. If you decide to buy a branded knitted dress in bright pink color, then please do not wear it for business negotiations. The same can be said about a stylish knitted dress made of thin, translucent knitwear. Otherwise, risk, be mistaken for a frivolous person, and not for a business partner.
  • Rule four. If you bought a stylish knitted dress, then you need to find the appropriate accessories. Because, believe me, elite knitted dresses are rather demanding for small things. Handbag, shoe jewelry or other jewelry must match both style and color and level. Otherwise, you run the risk that the money to buy such an elegant dress from jersey will be wasted – no one will see your chic, unless you “limit” it with the appropriate accessories.

Stylish dresses of the jersey – not necessarily business. The market has a huge number of wonderful women’s dresses made from knitwear of different styles. They will be relevant anywhere – in the theater, at the fashion show, at the bar, and at the library. Knitwear cannot be pretentious, it shrinks a little and it … can be worn with any footwear: with slippers, sneakers, sneakers, slip-on, espadrilles, ballet shoes, shoes, shoes. You need to know only one thing: the shoes should be in color either completely contrasting or darker than dresses for a few tones.

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If you do not already have a knitted dress in your wardrobe, be sure to buy it. It is so comfortable, cozy and yet a refined thing that you will never regret buying. This is a profitable investment of money in your style.

By Madani