The Five Best Dresses Of Rosa Clara Parade 2017

Although every wedding dress has its charm, five dresses from the Rosa Clara 2017 collection have fascinated us. Here we leave you our selection.

What do you think? Is anyone encouraged to give the yes I want with one of them?

 The Five Best Dresses Of Rosa Clara Parade 2017Ballet Classes: Although many brides are reluctant to wear short dresses, it cannot be denied that this ballerina type dress is impressive. Flirty, feminine, youthful … perfect for those who want to wear their shoes.

 The Five Best Dresses Of Rosa Clara Parade 2017 Princess: Rosa Clara has several seasons creating a fairy princess dress for the most romantic brides. However, with this design has reached the top, it is perfect!

Charleston: The fringed gowns left all the attendants speechless. Although we had a hard time choosing, we were left with this model because we love the word body of honor and the richness of details (not seen in the photo but the body is embroidered with micro crystals).

 The Five Best Dresses Of Rosa Clara Parade 2017Fringes and glitter: just look at it we think of the model Yasmina of Karl Lagerfeld 2008, but this design surpasses it. Impressive fall and movement of the silk fringes! A jewel of a dress for brides who want to wear an evening gown on their wedding day.

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Cotton candy: It is the dress that reminds me the most of my wedding dress. Although it is a beautiful model, I would change two details: heart neckline, it is rare because Rosa Clara does not usually introduce it in their dresses, and flowers that cross the shoulder, with that skirt does not need anything else.

By HieuJa