The Purchases Of The Week: Mango, Lefties, Zara

Hello girls! How are you? I was already looking forward to the weekend and I’m finally seeing his ears, and before starting it I bring you some shopping, at the moment little clothing that can still be rushed that of summer, we will have time for winter clothes.

From Lefties I bring you this precious jewel necklace, that seeing the prices of those of Zara, for example, this has nothing to envy and hey is super cute, the other necklace, the one of Zara is similar to another that I took in red, this is from a friend and only has small stones in the bottom, I find it very flattering.

The leopard loafers we give to a friend for her birthday, and I’m buying them the same for me, they’re beautiful! and I’m sure he’s going to put them a lot this winter. Have you bought some loafers or slippers? They are everywhere!The Purchases Of The Week: Mango, Lefties, ZaraThe Purchases Of The Week: Mango, Lefties, Zara

By HieuJa