This summers Sunglasses
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With the summer less than a month away now you don’t have much time to pick out your best pair of sunniest for the hottest season on the calendar. But hold your horse’s fashionista, because you can’t just go out and buy any old pair of shades – you need to carefully weigh up the latest trends, try them on for size and see how they suit that lovely face of yours.

This summers Sunglasses
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The art of picking out your perfect pair of sunglasses mostly comes down to shape – not only of the sunglasses themselves, but the shape of your head and facial features as well. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the latest trends in frame design and see if they’re made for you.

Geometric designs

First up we have geometric designs, which started making a comeback in 2013. They’ve since faded off the radar a touch, but seem to be coming back even stronger and more geometric than ever! Check out these Brasilia frames form London label Prism. We’re talking about a fashion brand quite literally designed for the summer, specializing in sunglasses and other essentials to make the warmest months equally stylish.

Designed for: Rounder heads, faces and facial features that need some sharper angles and distinct lines for some all-important balance.


Butterfly frames have got a sense of that timeless charm about them, hints of that Audrey Hepburn effect, but these Tom Ford Colette Butterfly sunglasses give the retro design a modern makeover with cool, slender frames and tinted lenses.

Designed for: Rectangular and some squarer heads, faces and features – as well as people blessed with, well… larger noses.

Timeless classics

And here we have the design that refuses to go away: the mighty Wayfarers by Ray Ban. The biggest name in all things sunglasses has been at the top of the game for so long now there’s nothing new you can say about them. These versatile frames suit all the “rounder” face shapes, including: circle, oval and heart. But, of course, you’ll find a huge collection of Ray Ban sunglasses for all face shapes if you simply can’t live without some Ray Bans in your life.

Designed for: Ideal for round, oval and heart-shaped faces, these sunglasses have been around this long for a reason.

Round lenses

Keeping in line with this year’s ’70s theme it’s no surprise that round lenses are big on the scene (and a bit of an overspill from last year’s ’60s obsession). Hopefully it goes without saying round lenses are not designed with round faces in mind and these are reserved for sharper feature.

Designed for: The true square and diamond heads out there who need some round curves to soften some angular features. Also good for rectangular heads with higher foreheads or narrow chins.