Welcome back rock the unique style of the 80s

All the looks, details and icons that made the 80’s rock style unforgettable, Straight from the ’80s back style more hard of all time the rock.

Welcome back rock the unique style of the 80s
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With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the death of one of the most important authors of all time, John Lennon, it triggers what It is the era of the 80’s Rock, where the exaggeration and love for the excesses becomes a focal point from which you generate great social change, religious, but also musical and stylistic.

Fashion The rock becomes not only a genre of music, but a constant in clothing. It involves both Europe and the United States, just because the British influence of bands like U2, The Police, David Bowie and Depeche Mode , among others, merges with that overseas where we find Guns N Roses, Bryan Adams and many others, and it is in this context that from simple experiments will generate new genres such as New Wave, and the power rock crossover.

Thanks to this background note the spirit of the city changed form and settle, in the wardrobes of both sexes, many types of accessories. Let’s see some:

– Bomber short and double, possibly in jeans or black leather and the timeless nail, or the biker jacket, the head of which Michael Jackson has made ??it a must.

– Studs, a sign of power in those years, were reiterated in recent seasons and collections from various designers, is applied on clothing is on shoes and accessories, as for example among many, the Rockstud bag of Valentino and the City Marquise Pucci, whose studs are rounder and less pointed to give the idea of a less hard rock and more fashionable.Fashion

– Details are unforgettable, the straps of various sizes, which define powerful shoulders and a little physical ‘androgynous, that recently a small step are coming back in the wardrobe.

– Definitely out of any fees were, however, the pointed bras, on which Madonna built his character.

– Turning to the pants, which we now call leggings, were previously defined fouseaux and were worn high-waisted. Black leather, in stretch fabrics and colorful or fancy, it was important to have in the closet at least a few of these pants that show decidedly merciless with those who tend to hide the extra pounds too.

– Felpone wide and t-shirt basic or colored, provided very large, constantly being now back in vogue in those years were tucked into pants with a high waist.Fashion

– The Levi’s, high life, was the pants for excellence and was worn always mesh voluminous and wide to take inside.

– For hair the watchword was volume. Extremely fluffy and buds, with fringes framing. The trick completed these look very whimsical, both for women and for singers, and was always strong multicolor and flashier, the most popular shades were blue, fuchsia, green, and rivers of glitter.

It is a genre, that of the ’80s rock that we find in the streets of every city. Teenagers feature look different from the past, with Walkman set to play, white socks visible, colorful sneakers and which cry out to the world the urge to exaggerate every aspect of daily life, the watchword continues to be daring and here the elements of the look of yesterday can be extrapolated, customized and exploited today.