10 Ideas For Your Teen Costume This Halloween

Teens love halloween almost as much as kids – the chance to dress up as their favourite characters and hang out with their friends. Many teens put hours of effort into creating the best costumes or sourcing all the accessories they need online. If you’re looking for Halloween costumes for teens, then check out some of these ideas:

10 Ideas For Your Teen Costume This HalloweenHuntress

With the insane buzz surrounding the Hunger Games trilogy and Katniss Everdeen quickly becoming one of the 21st centuries literary heroes, the huntress is a perfect Halloween costume for teens. You’ll hit the target in a gorgeous flowy tunic and cape, with a bow in your hands, or wear Katniss’ training outfit for an instantly recognisable movie figure.


This glamorous pink costume is guaranteed to be the highlight of your teen’s Halloween. She’ll look like she’s fallen straight out of heaven in a glam Goddess wrap dress, cape, flower headband and gold arm cuffs. Complete the outfit with a pair of gold gladiator sandals and all will worship you!
Fallen Angel

Sometimes its more fun on the bad side! Give your wings a rest this Halloween in a black ruffled mesh dress, wings and halo. Complete the look with a pair of black ankle boots, some liquid eyeliner and a killer attitude.


I can see in the cards that you’ll be winning best dressed in a gorgeous Gypsy costume. In this fun peasant dress with lace-up bodice and matching headdress makes certain that your future is looking this Halloween. Carry some tarot cards and tell people’s fortunes.


With the recent success of Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of the Great Gatsby, the look of the flapper has come right back into style with teen girls. The fun and flirty dresses and the glitz and glamour make flapper costumes a real hit. Take a leaf out of the book of the 1920s ladies this Halloween: let your hair down and jazz things up in this fun outfit.


Who doesn’t love Edward Scissorhands? He is quite possibly the sweetest Halloween costume inspiration there is. If ever it were possible to be sweet and scary at the same time, this is how. Mess up your hair and don the signature scissor hands for an original Halloween look.

Indiana Jones

Growing up, who didn’t wish they were an intrepid explorer out in the jungle somewhere? This Halloween is the perfect opportunity for your teen to live out this dream! Minus the jungle, that is. In Indiana get up you’ll be ready to get out on an adventure this Halloween!


It wouldn’t be Halloween without somebody dressed as a Zombie. This Halloween costume for teens is creepier than most: you’ll be decomposing on the spot in this Walking Dead inspired costume, complete with moulded rotting chest. Yuck!

The Joker

Halloween is for fun, so why so serious? Any Joker costume needs to include character mask, shirt, tie, vest and jacket. Best to stay away from Batman at your Halloween parties!


A Halloween classic. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a true superhero. Go out this Halloween and protect your neighbourhood like it was Gotham!

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to Halloween costumes for teens. What is your teen going to wear? Are they making their costume or buying one online?