10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

To revise your base wardrobe is at the beginning of each season. Then, to make a stylish image in accordance with the latest trends, you will take not more than five minutes. The main components of the basic wardrobe for this summer.

Here 10 Things Basic Wardrobe for summer 2018

White blouse with ruched

When the world of fashion is ruled by feminism, it is not surprising that the list of trends includes feminine blouses with ruffles. Elegant and gentle options, like in the Victorian era, wear classic white shirts, for example, with midi skirts, black trousers, jeans and dresses in linen style. If all these combinations seem boring, try another hit of the season – the white total look.10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

Waist bag

If you have not yet understood, then the basic wardrobe of 2018 is unthinkable without a waist bag. In summer it is worth paying attention to the models of bright, pastel and metallic shades.10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

Shortened blue jeans

Among the basic things in the wardrobe, a special place is occupied by jeans. In summer forget about skinnies, flares, and direct variants. The most universal and relevant in the new season – wide and shortened (yes, tucking in jeans is no longer fashionable). To ensure that these jeans come up to everything in the world, choose dark blue models without wiping, cuts and any other decor.10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

White running shoes

There is no doubt: in the basic women’s wardrobe must be sneakers. And always white. Moreover, this summer they are also the most fashionable shoes. Classic images can be selected eternal Adidas Stan Smith, to the futuristic – sensational Louis Vuitton. Whatever you choose, such a purchase is a profitable investment. We are confident that the trend will remain with us until late autumn 2018.10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

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Flat Sandal

A fashionable alternative to sneakers for those who do not like sports images are multi. This shoe on low heels or at all flat soles does not leave the trend book for several seasons in a row. Silk, satin, leather, and suede, with rhinestones and fringe, say “yes” to anyone.10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

Beige trench

How to make a basic wardrobe without a trench coat? It’s impossible. However, in the summer of 2018, the design of this classic wardrobe subject has undergone a change. If you want to become the owner of the most fashionable model, pay attention to direct, single-breasted oversize-versions below the knee.10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

Swimsuit swimsuit

A basic wardrobe for a woman is inconceivable without a swimsuit. Instead of bikinis, he is chosen this season by famous celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Candice Swanepoel (the model even launched its own brand with such models). Which swimsuits to choose? Monochrome: from classic black to scarlet with cutouts on the sides.10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

Dress with floral print

A dress with floral ornaments is a fashionable constant, timeless, whether it’s 1957 and Audrey Hepburn in the picture “Love afternoon” or 2018 and his street style chronicles. This summer, feminine dresses with floral print predictably return to our wardrobes. Mini, maxi, sexy and elegant – when, if not in the summer, wear, perhaps, the most romantic thing in the wardrobe?10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

Straw bag

Remember the famous straw basket-basket, Jane Birkin? And brought the national love of Cult Gaia brand in Instagram Ark model in the form of a crescent moon? We assure you, with the coming of summer, these fashionable quotations you will again observe on the streets of cities, therefore, choosing a bag for the base wardrobe of women for the summer, pay attention to the straw. A capacious, like a beach, or small, like a belt bag, – in a trend, both, and others.10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018

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Narrow Sunglasses

Are you sure that in the summer you will wear your favorite wayfarers or aviators, or maybe classic round or square frames? No matter how it is. This summer will pass under the sign of the 1990s, which means that in the basic wardrobe must appear narrow sunglasses. They are the most effective accessory of the season, able to turn even the most boring image into trendy.10 Things Basic Wardrobe For Summer 2018


By Madani