As a college student your focus is probably squarely on your studies.  However, college is also a great time to socialize, and the friends you make now are bound to make up the bulk of your professional network upon graduation.  This means you should actively try to impress your peers and even your professors during your time in college.  With the hottest fashion trends on your radar, dressing to impress doesn’t have to take time away from cramming for finals.

  1. Loafers

This Ivy League standby has often symbolized the stodginess of institutions of higher education.  Not so of late.  Loafers have made a triumphant return, and we’re not talking about the cat-faced iterations made popular by Taytay.  We’re talking honest-to-goodness preppy loafers with buckles, tassels, and other traditional embellishments.  Okay, so you can probably skip the brown penny loafers that dominated middle school preppery.  Just don’t overlook modern options like black and navy blue velvet, metallic leather, animal prints, and even heeled options.  These sensible slip-ons are enjoying a revival and trendy students should take advantage in 2016.

  1. Jumpsuits

Although these one-piece outfits look to be big for spring, you really need to consider form versus function before you jump into a jumpsuit.  Sure, they make dressing for early classes a cinch – just throw on one garment and you’re ready to go!  However, you might want to consider the difficulties inherent to one-pieces, namely using the restroom.  Since jumpsuits don’t tend to feature a hatch for this purpose, you’ll have to take off the entire garment every time you need to tinkle.  Some of us are willing to suffer to a degree for fashion, but it helps if you know what you’re getting into.

Hot College Fashion Trends in 2016

  1. Bomber Jackets

Flannels and hoodies may be the average college student’s go-to outerwear, but if you want to take your outfits up a notch while the cold winds of winter are still blowing, think about upgrading to a stylish and trendy bomber jacket.  With myriad options for color, print, texture, materials, and features, you should have no trouble finding a perfect match for your wardrobe, your budget, and your style sensibilities.

  1. Tea Length Skirts

Hemlines on college campuses are notoriously short – it’s easy to mistake skirts for belts considering how small some of them are.  The latest styles in skirting are heading south, however, with below-the-knee lengths that are both feminine and somewhat nostalgic.  Think Audrey Hepburn era.  Whether you opt for wrap skirts, accordion pleats, or diaphanous chiffon circle skirts, embracing this trend for spring will definitely up your style quotient.

  1. Feminine Menswear

Forget the schlumpy boyfriend jeans that dominated last year and upgrade to parts of the masculine wardrobe that are a bit more dressy.  If you want to stand out and make a good impression while earning Northeastern’s online master of finance] or attending classes on campus, populate your wardrobe with fitted or sheer button-downs, ruffled jackets, wide-leg trousers, and even neckties for women (they tend to be shorter than men’s ties, falling to just above the navel, and some are more like scarves than structured ties).  By making this classic look feminine you can wow professors and peers with a style that’s both trendy and a bit dressier than the average college wardrobe.