Fashion Tips for Your First Day of College

Remember when your parents used to take you shopping for a back-to-school wardrobe?  Every year it was a virtual tug-of-war between the clothing you thought was cool and the items your parents insisted were practical.  While you might have gotten away with a couple of trendy garments, your parents always held the purse strings. 

However, starting college is another story.  Not only do many students control at least some of their finances thanks to having a job, but you are finally free of the style restrictions imposed by your parents.  Don’t celebrate just yet, though.  Your first day of college is about more than impressing your peers with your style choices.  You’re also going to meet professors for the first time and you want to make a good impression with your wardrobe choices.  Here are a few essential fashion tips if you want to dress to impress on your first day of college.

Fashion Tips for Your First Day of College

  1. Dress in Real Clothes

When did the standard uniform for college students become flannel pajama pants and college hoodies?  This drab looks does not show school spirit or a dashingly cavalier approach to fashion – it makes you look like a lazy slob.  That’s hardly the impression you want to make on your first day of school.  So make at least a modicum of effort to create an outfit that doesn’t say you’d rather be in bed.

  1. Cover Up

College classes resume at the tail end of summer.  As a result, you might be keen to show off your tan or soak up some of the late-summer rays by wearing clothing more appropriate for a day at the beach.  This ultra-casual approach to dressing for your first day of college is a no-no.  For one thing, classrooms might be air conditioned, leaving you shivering and unable to focus on lectures.

  1. Pair Trendy and Timeless

A semi-professional wardrobe will likely help teachers take you seriously, and you don’t have to give up your personal style in the process.  When you start with a foundation that is timeless, including wardrobe items like slacks and business-casual tops, there’s no reason you can’t get fun and funky with accessories.

  1. Dress It Up

Most college students opt for an alarmingly casual style (jeans and tees, predominantly).  If you want to stand out, take it up a notch with wardrobe selections that are a bit dressier.  Instead of your comfy torn jeans, wear a crisp, new pair.  Instead of tees, try blouses or button-ups.  Add a blazer instead of a hoodie.  These simple swaps can elevate your style without significantly impacting your comfort or ease.

  1. Pull It Together

Looking smart requires more than just your average tee shirt and jeans.  Although these essential garments are the basis for any outfit, you need to take it to the next level if you want to stand out among all the students attending the University of Cincinnati on the first day of classes.  This means adding finishing pieces like jackets or cardigans, for example, and using appropriate accessories (hats, scarves, handbags, shoes, etc.) to compliment your garments and create a cohesive look.  When your appearance is neat and your look is pulled together, you’re sure to get positive attention from professors and peers alike.