Fashion On A Cycle – Why Vintage Is Today’s Most Wanted Clothing

We all know what they say: -A Fashion runs on a cycle.-A What’s hot today will be famous again years from now and it’s been the -A it-thing-A years ago. Good examples of these are the use of leggings and tights, Peter Pan collars, high-waist skirts and pants, maxi dresses and many more. This is what brings us to what is most wanted by men and women of different ages today – vintage clothing. Vintage clothing is just another word for old clothes. They’re both classy and classic which means it shouldn’t go out of style. It’s timeless in a sense that whenever these kinds of clothes are worn, it would always be a hot topic.

Fashion On A Cycle – Why Vintage Is Today’s Most Wanted ClothingVintage Clothing is now the new modern. You can look through look books and figure out that more and more fashion icons or enthusiast are going for vintage, even in their accessories and gadgets (e.g. lomography cameras). But although this style is as old as it seems, vintage clothing need not to be entirely old such as those you inherited from your grandparents and stuff (although that would make your clothes legitimately vintage). Many of the retail stores nowadays are adapting the vintage style on their racks like producing modernized jean jackets and leather shirts. Chiffon fabrics which became trending during the 1920’s are now being incorporated to dresses, skirts, vests and even cuffs and accessories. And when it comes to knitwear, everything is timely whether it’s a bonnet or a sweater. Although knitted fabric is not so vintage due to its debut in the 1980’s, its style seems classic enough, reminding you of the days our grannies love crocheting.

What further makes vintage clothing the best in all styles of today is that it is to mix and match with other clothing pieces. Say, you need a swift styling do for an impromptu date, you can pair your classics with any pieces on your closet or clothes rack. This brings us again to the classic attributes of this kind of style. Matching a simple tee with a vintage classic like a leather blazer can instantly amp up your do tons as it would normally look with just your jeans or shorts. A chic chiffon skirt paired with a radically printed top and high-cut boots can turn your sweetly image into Goth or a rock star.

They say whatever fashion statement you have, it says something about you or how you feel at the time. Before, vintage clothing used to be connoting an image of old-age and just that. Right now, it can send a variety of messages as you want. You can go from rock star chic, to preppy and sweet, to sporty and active, to formal or casual or chill and many more. And it’s good because you never have to keep them on the chest to put away. You can wear them as often as long as you want because it would least likely go out of style. Besides, fashion runs on a cycle. Stores may suggest trends but these classics will always be a hit!

James Walmsley is a marketing assistant at Phix Clothing, a UK-based online retailer which specializes in trendy and fashionable vintage clothing and retro clothing for men and women. All clothes are shipped worldwide.