How To Wear A Poncho?

Wearing an unusual cape with the onset of cool days, many women find it difficult to part with her before the end of the season. Resist the temptation to try on an elegant poncho is difficult even for the fastidious fashion. We present to your attention the opinions of fashion experts, with what to wear a poncho, so that this comfortable and stylish outfit would look the most impressive.

How To Wear A Poncho?

The secret of corporate identity

Want to find a bright and attractive look for every day? Perhaps trivial jackets are no longer pleasing to the eye and make you disappointed to notice that friends wear similar models? We advise you to look at the poncho – at the same time, practical and extravagant thing can make you irresistible and profitable to stand out from the crowd.

As a rule, the fans of the Peruvian cape are natures creative. With the help of good taste and rich imagination, they manage to turn this garment into the highlight of their corporate identity.

The fate of the plain national cape of the Indians of Peru was extremely successful. Fashion designers turned it into elegant clothes with an incredible abundance of models, patterns, and textures. A simple rectangle of woolen matter became the progenitors of a whole family of elegant styles. In the women’s wardrobe can be found:

  • poncho-shawls;
  • long ponchos replacing coats and raincoats;
  • poncho-pullovers, vests, and cardigans,
  • models with patch pockets, buckles, leather and fur inserts;
  • asymmetrical and other eclectic options.

The only thing that does not change in ponchos over the centuries is free to fit. The word ” poncho ” translates as “lazy”, which was once interpreted as simple clothing for people who do not require frills. Today, the traditional concept of women express in a new way: just threw and beautiful went.

Properly chosen poncho successfully hides figure flaws and looks amazingly feminine. It is perfect for urban everyday life, trips to the tour or picnic. Cape poncho never goes out of fashion, so getting such a thing, you can be sure that it will serve you more than one season.

5 golden rules on how to wear a poncho

Image dominant

The main secret of the attractiveness of this garment is that it should immediately attract attention. In other words, wearing a poncho is necessary so that it becomes the main chord of your image. Do not distract from the cape glances of other bright things or accessories. Let her unconditionally dominate.

Color accent

Choosing things for a set with a poncho, do not forget about the color scheme. Complimentary clothing, shoes, and bags should be in harmony with its color and texture. Stylists can, of course, experiment, but for this, they always choose combinations of natural shades and textures.

No additional volume!

To become an icon of style, wear a spacious poncho with fitted silhouettes. Perfectly fit skinny jeans, leggings or a mini-skirt … Legs can be left open. The main thing here is not to add extra volume. Under the poncho can fit almost anything from your wardrobe, provided that it will be tight. In cold weather, you can wear a wool sweater, a dress and even a skin-tight leather jacket under the poncho.

How To Wear A Poncho?

Do not pile parts

Wearing a poncho is quite simple: it does not require exclusive accessories. A small hat or clutch bag is enough for the original cape-poncho to win the jackpot of the audience.


Freedom poncho transferred to your image. Strengthen the impression will help to flutter hair. Allow the wind to play with wavy curls as freely as the folds of a cape. Incredibly organically look hairstyles with dreadlocks and French pigtails.

Interesting images with a poncho

The poncho is so universal that it can be combined with almost anything, from affordable jeans and shorts to evening dress. If you settle in your wardrobe poncho, you will get a great chance to refresh the bows, making them more distinctive and memorable.

Speaking original alternative to jackets, Cape-Poncho skillfully balances between classic and casual. In addition to all the advantages, the favorite clothing of Hispanic Indians is a proven helper in the protection against wind and cold.

Talk about how to wear a poncho with the most ordinary things.

With jeans

The best models of jeans for a set with a poncho – skinny and flared. This cape can be worn over a top, blouse or shirt; in the cool season – sweaters or turtlenecks. Add to this your favorite wedge sandals, heeled ankle boots or lace-up ankle boots.

How To Wear A Poncho?

Remembering the volume rule, take a compact bag. You will get a comfortable look for shopping and having fun in nature. If you get a cozy poncho with a hood or a scarf sewn on, you can quickly warm yourself in case of bad weather.

With pants

Tight pants are another good combination for a poncho. This may be shortened options or shorts. Do not be limited to strict black or blue. Bright multicolor cape allows you to experiment with the colors of the pants, which can be white, burgundy, plum or green. Under classical trousers or flared, stylists advise wearing a white shirt with a single-toned poncho. This image is well suited for work or business travel.

With leather things

You will achieve undoubted success if you wear a poncho with leather pants or shorts. Colorful cape with national ornaments is the best match with the skin. If you choose monochrome poncho, you can play with the color of the bottom. Red leather pants highlight your personality and expression. The photo shows an elegant knitted poncho with a fringe and a hood.

Blouses and shirts will look harmoniously as the top, shoes – wedge or heel sandals, half boots, boots, fashionable creeper. As for leather skirts, choose models of mini or knee-length, and the pencil style will be successful.

Wear a poncho with a skirt and dress

It seems that the omnivorous cape can be adapted to any clothing. For skirts, it is also democratic. Especially stylists recommend denim straight midi and trapeze. On the legs – suede ankle boots or cowboy boots. The poncho can be safely thrown over the fitting knitted or woolen dress and spice up all this beauty with loafers, oxfords or brogues. For lovers of the classics fit shoes with heels. Ladies wear long gloves with a special elegance.

Short poncho

The shortened format, as a rule, is chosen by young persons. He will spice up the image of a young girl with a touch of playfulness. Such a poncho can be thrown instead of a shawl or stole, depending on the texture and material. As well as the elongated model, it is worn with narrow pants. Short capes look especially impressive in combination with boots with or without elegant heels.

How To Wear A Poncho?

For an evening dress, a poncho can be the final touch if it is complemented with an elegant clutch and slippers. Do not forget that short models visually conceal the length of the legs, so short women should not wear a mini skirt, so as not to turn into a t-shirt.

Leather ponchos

The highlight in the collections of leather outerwear in 2019 has already won many fans. In the new season, a leather poncho distinguished itself on world catwalks: it was presented at the shows by many famous fashion designers. The collections of leather ponchos are made in different ensembles and styles: from classic to ethnic. You can wear it with the above items of clothing, providing a harmonious color solution.

If you are tired of leather coats and jackets in demi-season, pay attention to a spectacular novelty! Fur-trimmed leather ponchos are the most sophisticated. Such models are designed to exit: with an evening dress or suit.

Poncho is the best choice for layering.

The current trend, which is gaining momentum from year to year, is stratification in clothes. Starting from the youth grunge and ending with the glamorous boho style, the poncho fits the concept perfectly. Create multi-layered images, putting on capes on coats, jackets, raincoats … So you will not only be at the peak of fashion but also warm yourself well in the winter cold. The same principle will help save the situation if the coat does not match the color of the rest of the set.

Must have

Here we will tell you about the secret ingredient, by which the poncho can get well-deserved 5 out of 5.

  • The first – boots, boots. Materials fit any: leather, suede or lacquered.
  • The second is a belt. By marking the waist, you will make the image less free but more feminine. And if the belt is originally decorated, then 5+ is guaranteed. So, dear fans of poncho-style go for it!


Couturier first drew attention to the Mexican cape at the turn of the 60-70-ies. In preparing the collections, fashion designers increasingly began to move away from the traditional alpaca and llama wool. Depending on the destination, designers suggest wearing knitted, fleece, linen, silk and other models.

Nowadays, perhaps, there is not a single well-known fashion house that is not looking for on this fertile soil. We advise you to look at the following options:

  • If you are going to dinner at a restaurant or a romantic meeting, the Dior translucent lace poncho with long tassels will look spectacular.
  • A classic checkered cape can still be found on Burberry.
  • Moncler made something incredible: a nylon poncho with a black and white geometric pattern in super techno style. Going to a party or club in it, you will become the queen of the ball.
  • Interesting collections of capes-poncho is an American designer Michael Kors. Unlike the others, he prefers natural materials. Its feature is non-standard combinations, for example, a fur poncho or a model made of angora and cotton.

Season 2019 offers a variety of different ponchos: chic, sophisticated and casual. Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Chloé, Derek Lam, Halston, Rebecca Minkoff, and others presented their vision in the New Year. Many of them believe that ponchos are the most elegant way to warm them in the winter cold. In the designer collections, you will find even poncho coats.

How to wear a poncho, you can spy on celebrities. Many of the world’s idols are fans of a stylish cape. Kate Hudson, Kathryn Bailey, Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore managed to photograph the paparazzi in stylish ponchos.

If design creations are expensive for you, then tie the poncho of your dream yourself. In response, you will receive “feelings” that only your favorite clothes can give.

By Madani