Fur Coat Yes Or No

When I was little I was horrified and looked at my mother with “Why do you wear that?” Every time I saw her in her fur / synthetic jacket (at those ages one does not distinguish) and now every time I see someone with One of them I put it … I like or I do not like ?, the girl was so cute that I loved everything together ?, will I look like a bear? …

And for a few years all the winter seasons I try one but I recognize that I have never taken it home. This season again, the dilemma arises … Leather jacket / synthetic yes or no?

Fur Coat Yes Or NoI loved the first option offered by H & M, is around 70 dollars and seems to me good option to remove the spinach.

In Mango we propose the leopard coat …It reminds me of the stuffed animals that hang in the booths of many fairs … I see it for photo but not for real life … In contrast the one of Zara seems much prettier but much more delicate …

Fur Coat Yes Or NoThe celebrities resort to him to cope with the cold New York winter nights and they look as much in jacket version as a little shorter.

Kate Hudson, Kate Moss and Olsen sisters choose white and others like Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham or Lindsay Lohan prefer darker colors.

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In the blogosphere you can also see styling that take advantage of leather coats. Always in jacket and fleeing from the coats to the feet, more frequent among women entering in years.

Fur Coat Yes Or NoDoes anyone have one? Do you wear it a lot?

I do not know if it will finally become part of my wardrobe, what I do have clear are these tips to wear leather coats and not die in the attempt:

  • Always in a jacket, that is right by the hip, not longer.
  • I will try to wear it with jeans, not to make the look too formal.
  • Find a fit option or that allows you to put a belt to fit the waist.

By HieuJa