Get An Icon And Wear It With A T-Shirt

Take Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe or Madonna and put them on. That’s right, dressed in their messages, what they represent. Symbols of generations and eras, they are really becoming the must-have fashion. How? The t-shirts are the most represented their icons, the most popular.

Get An Icon And Wear It With A T-ShirtAnd each of them is a fascinating symbol for every woman. So we will have a Madonna reinterpreted in pirated version.

Or a whimsical Marilyn with pink hair that confirms a certainty for all of us: ” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. ” How to blame her … for not you lost nothing that I combine these two weeks. And also go yourselves to see the Franciacorta outlet village on. did not regret it and let me know what you think).