Get Your Feet Ready!

I do not know if you think I’m crazy or you think it’s a totally normal thing but in 28 years I had never gone to the podiatrist … And find out!

The case is that I take a time that at the end of the day the feet kill me put on whatever I wear … Heels, wedges, ballerinas, I was worried and before I let it go I decided to go to the podiatrist! (In my family I have many relatives with bunions!!!)

Get Your Feet Ready!Chiropodist

The first thing you do is put the little feet in soaking, with a little foam and massage. Then, once dry, they look at you and see if you have hardness, calluses and the typical horrible things that come out on your feet.

My case, they told me that the plant is gradually losing fat because of wear and that is why it is normal that every day we hurt more feet with any footwear. That is why I was advised to use silicone insoles, especially for footwear with a finite sole such as dancers or heels without platform, since the foot absorbs most of the impact with the floor.

Get Your Feet Ready!Also, they took away my heels and … They fixed my nails!

Check that you have cut them well and polish them to avoid the yellowish tone that they acquire after all the summer painting them! This helps you to “breathe” since they are more beautiful! And also, they recover the white color they should have!

Get Your Feet Ready!Tips: hydrate our feet daily with urea creams, which moisturize much more and also pay attention to the nails, which also need hydration!

With these precautions, there is no ballerina or heel that resists me … Jajajjajaa … I’ll tell you already and I will debut tomorrow my super sandals Zara at the company Christmas party … Fire test for the podiatrist !!! (I.e.

Get Your Feet Ready!And you, how do you take care of your feet? Do you pay them the same attention as other parts of the body? I believe that during the winter are the great forgotten…

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By HieuJa