Gossip Girl T-Shirts

And if we had Sponge Bob T-shirts, Alice in Wonderland, Batman, and Twilight and so on … Now it’s Gossip Girl’s turn from Stradivarius!!!

Gossip Girl T-Shirts I’m not much fan of this type of T-shirts but I just saw this one and I’m thinking about it!!! I think they have managed to hit the little pink bow closing the neckline in the back but still do not know if this is to be a little freaky!

Gossip Girl T-Shirts Stradivarius has developed four designs and I think I already know what mine is! You can vote in the poll on the right!!!

  1. You know you love me
  2. Empire kiss
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. I love Chuck BassGossip Girl T-Shirts You may also like to read : Get Your Feet Ready!

By HieuJa