Ladies underwear

Ladies underwear is a very intimate subject and has an element of mystery to men.  There are numerous styles available for all situations and occasions.  Ladies underwear can be both functional and fashionable and many developments have taken place over the past century.Ladies underwear

Influences from the fashion world, clothing styles and technology have all played a part in the evolution of underwear as we know it today.

Starting off as a functional necessity offering support, warmth and modesty to women, underwear has evolved into a multi-million pound industry which offers a massive choice of brands and designs to suit all tastes and all sizes.  Functional underwear traditionally offered support and served a purpose, with little choice in design.

Ladies underwearWith the advent of new fabrics and technological breakthroughs in recent times, ladies underwear has become more comfortable, lighter, supportive and more attractive.  Fabric developments in terms of elasticity and breathability from brands such as Lycra and Meryl microfibre have revolutionised the market, allowing for prettier, sexier designs coupled with practicality.

Ladies underwearStyles of ladies underwear are more various than men’s with designs including: push-up, minimisers, lacy, see- through, padded, balconette, support, sports, basques, hipsters, thongs and strapless – to name just some.

Ladies underwearFlimsy, light, ladies underwear can now be created which looks sexy and sophisticated whilst still be supportive.  Women today require  a lot more from their underwear and gone are the days of just one style of bra.

Women now have a ‘wardrobe of underwear’ which will suit different outfits and various occasions.