Pull And Bear T-Shirts
Pull And Bear T-Shirts

Discovering part of my dark past, I’ll tell you that I spent some time working on Pull and Bear. I have good memories of that time … The satisfaction of opening the boxes with new clothes, seeing everything before anyone, assembling the newly arrived collections, dressing the mannequins. Good memories that disappear when I remember the schedule, the ceaseless Sunday openings in The community of Madrid and the warehouse without heating 2 floors down the shop …

Pull And Bear T-ShirtsUndoubtedly, what I liked the most were the shirts of boy of Pull and Bear!!! There is always a great variety, they are great of price, they take really surprising collections, they use very familiar designs for the generation of the 80 and they are very original. The paste, in a disco, you can find more than one with the same model!Pull And Bear T-Shirts

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A little while ago I was having a look and I found shirts as interesting as these…

Pull And Bear T-Shirts Pull and Bear T-Shirts

  • The first of the shirts is a pass. I love the color, the letters and, best, it shines in the dark!!! The faces that it carries in the part of above and below are made with the material this phosphorescent that is loaded with the light!!! It’s great!!! It made me very funny and sure it is one of the ones that we will get tired of seeing in the summer nights!
  • Letter of adjustment. I love this shirt!!! What I said to you from the ‘80!!!
  • Other designs are more peculiar but equally cool.
  • Super Mario!!! Another hit from the safe collection, as were the drawings of the Crazy Cars (I have a T-shirt with Penelope Glamor), or the collection of t-shirts with dibus Warner…
  • Marcianitos and reminiscences of famous comics are other of the bets
  • Striking colors, blend of fabrics, velvet…Pull And Bear T-Shirts