Mango Season Progress

The breakthrough of the fall 2017 season in Mango is here. If it were true, we would have pearls (these days are more reminiscent of the cold winter than on May 40) but the reality is that it is more of the same … Shorts, short sleeves, suspenders … Come on, super appropriate for the 15th Inferior, sure!) That he was doing yesterday in Madrid! Raise the hand the brave who wants to wear shorts this week!!!

Ainnnnss, the rebates around the corner and already start to tempt us with garments that we know will not be lowered!!! I have signed a few things that I love! The bag, the jacket (although I have to say that I saw it very similar in H & M, instead of hearts were lacy), the belt I love (tb is in red) and the blouse too! I see her in jeans for a more casual look and skirt or dress pants for a more special occasion.Mango Season Progress

There are also shirts and blouses that are fine. The last two also remind me of something, the dwelling resembles the basic ones that were in Zara at the beginning of the season in several colors and the one in the white ribbon to one of H & M (and I would swear it from somewhere else too).Mango Season Progress

And … I have fallen in love with the white dress … It is ideal!!! Handles: I do not see the occasion!

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Jackets: gray cardigan is a must, with white jeans you’ll look great and black too! Depending on what you fancy! And the Lacito jacket is cute.Mango Season Progress

 Another necessary acquisition is the wide-legged jeans! They have a very cool cut and color. Shorts are cute!