Shopping Of The Week

We continue with the purchases of the week, with the looks of the day, our newly released Buy it or burn it and many more!

We wish Dominique all the luck in all his new projects and that everything goes great! We are already missing it!!!

I will continue at the foot of the canyon, sharing with you all the new developments in the fashion world!

And now … We are going with the purchases of the week!!!

Queen’s wardrobe

This season the bib collars appeared with force … Sara Carbonero and Olivia Palermo are addicted to them! And if you still have doubts about how to combine it, it is best to buy a garment that has it incorporated!

Lovely Pepa and Olga de O`Style already have this pretty blouse, I leave your looks to inspire you!

Shopping Of The WeekMintmelon

One of the hardest items to buy is the jeans! You’re never humorous enough to try them on, you see them, and even though they look like monkeys gives us laziness, on the Internet we dare not, you try 100 in an afternoon and no one fits and suddenly you buy some without trying them and you look great … A mystery !

That’s why these Mintmelon’s are a good occasion to cheer up! They look really good and look great on price! I know some of you buy on this website; I have not yet done so, so if you can help us with the sizes … It would be great!!!

Shopping Of The WeekBershka

The tribal style returns summer after summer and this dress is great to start getting into stuff!

H & M

I had seen it on the web and I thought it was cute, naturally it does not disappoint! It is the typical garment that you buy on a whim and then you never know how to wear it or you put it to satiety … Yes or no?


One of the colors that come strong this season is the boiler and one of the clothes that you have to face the halftime is the trench … Voila! I love the cut, the volcano conquered me!

Shopping Of The WeekSfera

And although it is unthinkable to put the mind in the summer, this dress would be good investment! I’m imagining it with sandals with a blue heel and I cannot wait for the heat to arrive !!

Dancers Zara

And my ration of ties this week comes from the hand of these dancers from Zara. Combination of canvas and leather (we will speak of this tendency finished with two arms.

Since the Mulberry Alexa came into our lives we have not stopped seeing style bags! Essential!!!

Do you intend to leave this weekend? I have a monkey but I’m saving up for a shopping in London!!!

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By HieuJa