Bags And Zapatoclones

And here comes a good batch of clones! So much of new season for those that go crazy with the ordered corner as of sale if you are still looking for some chollito!

Our first signing is a hybrid! Prada and Valentino as inspirers of this design by Zara!

Bags And ZapatoclonesThere goes the mix!

The second is from one of the Uterqüe Novias designs, which has been based on Manolo Blahnnik for this design so classic! (Among us, I expected more risky proposals for Uterqüe brides!)

And if we mix Valentino and YSL … what can we get out?

Bags And ZapatoclonesThe Zara super sandals or the Stradivarius version of them! Of course, I keep Zara’s and they are even cheaper!!!

This Prada models are on their way to becoming one of the most cloned of the season and that did not have many ballots! Stradivarius tries it with this model of medium heel!

Bags And ZapatoclonesAnd another that takes the palm is this high-heeled moccasin, which has been versioned up to three times!!! And from the shoes we go to the bags … Prints as famous as the Missoni for this new bag of Zara…

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By HieuJa