The Most Outstanding Colors Of The Season

From the decade of the eighties of the end of the last century until today the winter fashion has undergone a real transformation. If once we wore clothes with colors called ‘winter’ (rather dull and/or neutral) now things have changed radically and it is easy to wear dresses and summer shirts during the darkest days of winter.

This season the most vivid tunes have jumped again from the catwalk to the shops but, do you know what they are? Take paper and pencil if you want to show off and go to the last:

– Blue Klein: it has been stomping for several seasons and is a very demanded tone like nail polish. If you want to wear it, do it, if possible, in men’s slacks, knit sweaters, and simple dresses.The Most Outstanding Colors Of The Season

– Red-orange: the tone most demanded in times of crisis decolored all types of dresses and leather skirts to remove the more feminine side of women.

-Verde: the green, in its different shades (emerald, persimmon, bottle …) dresses all the garments, including coats and complements of hair and skin.The Most Outstanding Colors Of The Season

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-Blanco: Princess Doña Letizia made it fashionable in our country when she presented herself in a white jacket suit in the announcement of her engagement to Don Felipe. This winter the premise sends looks totally immaculate and without stridency in the complements.The Most Outstanding Colors Of The Season

-Negro : unlike other seasons (in which the white was his best ally) the black has decided to associate with other brothers as green apple, red fire, strawberry pink or brown chestnut.The Most Outstanding Colors Of The Season

-Metallic: gold, silver and copper jump from necklaces and bracelets to coats, jackets and, skirts to brighten both day and night and always in tune with the black to give them elegance.