Zara Or Tintoretto?

In summer one of the garments that I use most are the dresses and once tanned, one of the colors that favors the white. Year after year I accumulate white dresses and I already have in the closet a good collection but this year “my economy waters” (I love Factory announcements, I do not know if you have seen them) and I have decided to moderate myself.

Zara Or Tintoretto?And here the dilemma, I have found two dresses for this summer and although they are not identical if they are of the same style: white, light fabric, with lace details,… The options are:

  1. Zara: It has a round neckline, lace straps and the end of the skirt consists of 3 lace ruffles that give weight and movement to the dress. It is made of cotton and as it is transparent it has a fabric lining under it. Its price is 50 euros and can be wrapped around the waist with a bow or belt.Zara Or Tintoretto?
  2. Tintoretto: This dress I saw in the catalog and I fell in love although I recognize that seeing it live seemed excessively long. Even so, I took it, since both the details of the neckline and skirt I loved. The cut is a bit more sack and is of thick linen, that is to say, Complicated to iron and of those who wrinkle with looking at them. Another thing that disappointed me are the buttons that she wears on the neckline … They are bad plastic, it seems to me that a dress of 79 euros, deserved other finishes.Zara Or Tintoretto?

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By HieuJa