Documentry About Fashion You Should Not Miss

In all we like the fashion world we love to see parades, magazines, websites new trends … in short, everything we have at hand to keep up and not lose any detail of our favorite designers.

Documentry About Fashion You Should Not MissFor some time, I have also fond of another way to discover fashion: documentaries and television programs. And I do not mean spaces trends or style, but to other productions that cover specific issues and focus more on the specialized world of fashion and everything around him.

Every day there are new proposals in thematic television and more wide and varied, but I wanted to tell of my favorites and documentaries which, for one reason or another, I have been more interesting or shocking.

The September issue

The September issue of fashion magazines is a milestone for all publishers and Vogue, called “Fashion Bible” would expect. His reports are prepared over many months, everything should be perfect, every photo, every look, every interview is intended to produce a millimeter memorable number and check the trends of the new season.

In “The September issue” we have the process of conducting the September 2007 issue of Vogue. Despite the years that have passed, the documentary still relevant today and is very curious to see why this topic conductive wire is also used so that we can better meet Anna Wintour, the most powerful woman in fashion and in whom say the evil boss character in “The Devil Wears Prada” was based.

It is fascinating to know more about your personality, how to handle with iron fist magazine and the influence not only on workers, but also world-renowned designers, who come to change an entire collection just for your opinion .

In addition, another figure in the documentary, Grace Coddington, model and current creative director of Vogue, ending hogging all the attention because of their interesting life, originality to create reports and photos the way you work appears. And because it’s the only way to deal with Anna Wintour!

Fabulous Fashion Designer

Regarding the above, this is a completely different documentary as powerful in the world of fashion figures, we see the lives of unknown women. I found this inspiring documentary that introduces us to women who are not willing to let life are out of hand without taking advantage until the last second without losing its personality.

In it, we meet several women over 70 who, although society has forgotten and deemed not relevant, die hard and continue to demonstrate their strength, especially through fashion. These women dress unapologetic and tell us your relationship with the world of fashion with much confidence, how to use that form of dress as a way to express themselves, to remain themselves and show their creativity.

Each has its own style, but there are some things they all have in common: self-confidence, spontaneity and incredible energy. This film exudes positivity and age shows that there is not a question of numbers, although it may seem a cliche, since they are the living example that you can remain true to our own style in every moment of our life.

The Fashion Fund

Returning to the almighty Anna Wintour, “The Fashion Fund” initiative was created by herself along with the CFDA (American Fashion Designers Association) chaired by the prestigious designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

This initiative came after the September 11 attacks when in full fashion week, all events were suspended and many young designers lost hundreds of thousands of dollars (yes, you read that right) you have to invest to ride on the Week New York Fashion and even led to the failure of some of them.

Therefore, the Fashion Fund was created to help designers and promising is chosen each year to just over a dozen candidates who are given specialized mentoring leading figures in fashion, media outreach, networking … for several months, while their development and their work through interviews, parades and proposed designs are studied, until the winner is chosen.

This documentary, or rather, series of documentaries, has 6 programs in which we see throughout this process and we know in depth the world of fashion, everything that moves back and the creative process behind a collection or design as well as the challenges that all creators who want to break into the fashion world face.

Project Runway

Project Runway is a somewhat different proposition, as it is a reality show that already has many seasons and even spin offs on American television. In this program, hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum, a group of designers face challenges of the most colorful designs and every week is eliminating one until only one winner.

Like any self-respecting reality, there is a mixture of many different sources, which makes that there is always drama and boycotts between fabrics and sewing machines. It is a fun entertainment and is very curious to see how the process of developing the designs, always with a time limit and races last minute. This also means that sometimes some designers sending end real horrors to the gateway to be judged by judges or just stand amazed at the dresses that others get done in just 24 hours.

In short, if you are interested in fashion, these four proposals that I have made here are great to dive in this world and spend time entertaining. Another day will bring you more because, as I said before, I keep discovering programs and documentaries that give new approaches to this topic and you are the most interesting.