How to Dress For a First Date?

How to dress for a first date may be one of the great controversies that women and men face. In your shop Buy Brand Clothing Online, we will give you the keys so you can make an excellent impression. Continue reading, for more information.

Preparation before an appointment

In addition to the beauty that you might have naturally, you must prepare yourself to look stunning and enhance your attributes. Surprisingly pleasant to the person with whom you will share, should be among your objectives.

You have to pay attention to various details. Choose the right colors and be in tune with what you like to you and those things that men usually like.

Other recommendations, is to define the style you want to project. The above will depend on your tastes, personality and the relationship you want to have with the boy you’re going to meet.How to Dress For a First Date?

Elegant, sensual, tender or romantic? You can look how you want, as long as you feel comfortable! Breaking your own schemes is also valid. What you should always keep in mind, is that you should please yourself and not third parties.

The first impression counts and a lot. The points to which you should pay more attention to are: the clothing, which issues to develop and which things can be politically correct.

The arrangement should not be limited only to clothing. Among the aspects that you have to take into account are:

  • Brush your teeth very well to have a fresh breath. If you’re going to dine, it’s never too bad that you bring a little mouthwash with you, to avoid bad smells.
  • The clothes you wear should be clean and well ironed.
  • To look healthy and shiny skin, do not forget to apply lotion, at least on arms and legs.
  • Select your best perfume … The best will be the one that makes you feel sexy.
  • Take a good shower, wash your hair and dry it well, so it looks radiant.

The outfit for Valentine’s Day is easy to select, you just have to dedicate time, to make this day the best and a truly unforgettable date.

Learn to dress for a first date

Actually, there are many types of appointments: the first, second, third, reconciliation, one to get out of the couple’s routine and until the last appointment. What is in everyone’s head is, what am I going to wear?

Among the recommendations that we can give you are:

General recommendations:

  • You have to achieve a comfortable and elegant look.
  • If you want to teach, remember to leave something to the imagination.
  • Calm the nerves; you must be yourself at all times.
  • Although it is a symbol of chivalry that he pays the bill, it takes money in case you decide that it is best to pay your share.
  • If you are going to select a place between both, try not to be a bar or cinema, so that you can talk comfortably.

Clothing colors:

According to the key you select, you can project certain things. They are between them:

  • Red: excitement, danger, and sensuality.
  • Blue: has an effect of calm, initiative and being a woman of creative thoughts.
  • Gray: it gives an impression that you know what you are doing.
  • Yellow: it will make you look kind, friendly and accessible.

Makeup and hairstyle:

Use a lip color that helps you highlight your face, depending on the tone of the dress you wear. For the cheeks try to make it a light shade of pink and on the eyelids a neutral nude tone. Remember that less is more. As for the hair, wear it loose or with curls. Soft waves will also help you look very cute.

How to Dress For a First Date?

Types of clothing

Elegant and sensual:

If you want to project this type of personality, without a doubt, you must wear a black mini dress this color helps your figure look better and more stylized. The key is to combine it with accessories that give life to the dress. High shoes with a contrasting tone are ideal.

In case you are plus size or just have a few kilos, you can wear mini dresses, but avoid being too tight to the body. If your abdomen is prominent, use crossed models of those that have demarcation in the waist, so you get an illusion of curves.

As for the wallet, we recommend that you wear an envelope, with a strap to hang it. With these recommendations, we assure you that you will captivate.

Tender and romantic:

In the case, you want to look like this, or it is the one that is related to your personality, it will be best to use pastel colors. Rose, apple green, sky blue. Select a soft fall dress.

As for the girls with pronounced curves, if they like this style, they have to opt for shades that are not so clear and as for the prints, they will look good, those that are not very big.

Another option will be the maxi dresses that are one of the trends of the moment.

There are also options, for those girls who do not like to wear dresses. If you want to go in blouse and pants, it is also valid, just try that the accessories give that feminine and chic touch to your outfit. If you go in pants, we recommend that this be cut tube, if the legs are thin or straight, if these are usually thick.

How to Dress For a First Date?

What are the men on the first date?

According to several studies, men say that the first thing they see on a first date is the clothes that the girl wears. Many made known that the dedication they give to this says a lot about women.

Others say that they even try to interpret the message that the girls want to convey with their clothes. As we explained above, women who go in black are often interpreted as authoritarian and those in red provoke some sexual tension.

Men perceive red, in Western culture, as a romantic and even sexual tone. It is not coincidental that the same color is related to Valentine’s Day, provocative lips. Red will always be an attractive color for men. “It’s already a biological issue,” says the study.

Many people do not feel comfortable with this tonality. Colors like white and blue also convey positive emotions.

In addition to colors, men also evaluate a woman’s arrangement. Styling, how the hands are and if the feet are uncovered with sandals, check if they are well cared for. Although they do not say it, the boys usually evaluate in depth all these aspects.

A shy woman who talks little will be perceived as bored or not comfortable. Try as much as possible to get common themes that you can link with others so that the conversation flows easily.

Avoid being presumptuous or inaccessible at all costs, but you can not show yourself as a submissive woman either. A good perfume will always be of great help. Many men often remember “how good their girl smelled” on the first date.

A suitable dress, a good perfume plus the personal arrangement, will ensure a second and even third appointment.

Clothes to go to the cinema

As we already mentioned above, the cinema is one of the less indicated places for a first date. Surely it would be good to go for a second or third date. For this, you must also be prepared.

Many girls watch movies, as a routine activity and that any clothes do well. In the event that it is an appointment, it is safest to wear comfortable clothes, because a film usually lasts an hour and a half and even a little more than two.

Sweatshirt, comfortable jeans, and good shoes will be basic to enjoy the cinema. While it’s true that you’re going to enjoy a movie, you should not go in your pajamas. Maybe after the cinema, have a special dinner or a fortuitous outing, so your attire should adapt to everything and foresee these situations.

How to Dress For a First Date?

In many movie theaters, temperatures are usually very high or very low. For that, you can, for example, wear a sweatshirt, but with a shirt down, in the case that it is very hot, you can do without the first piece.

There is also the factor that when there is heating, the feet usually suffer a bit. Do not wear very thick socks, to prevent your extremities from ending up sweaty.

Another aspect that you cannot pass over is that your outfit is proof of popcorn. Who can resist popcorn? Wool, cashmere or sequins, should be discarded. Betting on cotton clothes will always be the best.

What you should always keep in mind, is good personal hygiene, because these details are what most captivate a child and those that will open doors to new appointments.

What did you find these tips on how to dress for a first date? Do you know someone else? Leave us your comments.

By Madani