Fill Your Life With The New Collection Extravaganza Givenchy

With the new season, it’s time to change your wardrobe to adapt our wardrobe to new temperatures, but we are getting used to using fall colors on our makeup. So, brands are offering us new proposals to renew the vanity with the latest trends.

In particular, I liked the new collection of Givenchy, Extravagance, because I have conquered their deep and lush tones that allow to achieve a glamorous and elegant finish that can also be adapted to all times and situations in our lives, as we have a special event or for everyday.

Another thing that I love is the packaging as it comes in boxes that evoke luxurious brocades and bottles minimalist lines that make them very elegant. Moreover, it is a complete collection, because it has all kinds of products that form a sophisticated look.

To begin, the Extravaganza Palette, inspired by nature, has several colors that allow us to achieve mysterious eyes that will fascinate anyone. The satin shades, brown and violet, are used for drawing and give depth to the look while bright gold and silver pearl will provide intensity to suit any time of day. Its texture spreads easily, so we can go mixing all these colors for a multitude of different looks.

Furthermore, the palette is complete with a bar ringtone bright and clear lip gloss that will give your lips a natural look to complete without losing an ounce of glamor. To complete a lush look, Mask Noir Couture, with his new tone Violet Étonnant give depth to our eyes and give us a penetrating look framed by long, silky lashes.

Recent innovations in makeup come in Blush Mémoire de Forme, associative polymer gel, light and non-sticky texture that adapts to the surface of the skin to provide color and a smoothing effect. The pink shades will enhance your life by filling cheeks and leaving a halo of sexy perfume thanks to its water concentrate flowers.

We could not miss the iconic red lips Givenchy, Le Rouge, providing us with a velvety finish in two new limited edition colors. Live Pink and Bordeaux intense tones reminiscent of haute couture collections, elegance and pure distinction.

The Givenchy Vernis nail polishes, completing the collection are those that have attracted my attention. Extravagant metallic colors in gold and bronze glitter and gold that make this product ideal for a party look complement. Furthermore, it can be used only as base color, or as a thin top layer to enhance any color and give a bright touch of liquid metal.

As a limited edition, Givenchy offers us a solution with a lot of uses, Couture Ombre. With smooth, creamy texture, metallic color can be used to enhance the cheekbones or eye shadow, a versatile product that will achieve a perfect finish.

You see, this collection is a must if you want to look elegant makeup, not to mention the bizarre note is the hallmark of Givenchy.