With summer just moments away and spring ending abruptly, you might have already started to look through your closet. The hot season brings in new trends that you won’t wanna miss out on, if you’re anything like us. We’re talking about maxi skirts in youthful silhouettes, pointed toe slingbacks, the shortest shorts you can possibly imagine, sheer patterns and 80’s jewelry.

Regardless of how cool these items look, following trends shouldn’t be a costume party- at the end of the day, we all like to have fun with the trendy styles, without feeling like we’re dressing up. Today we’ve handpicked for you 2 hot trends, along with ways in which we’ll be styling them this summer.

  1. Sassy stilettos: Pointed toe slingbacks take center stage

 The first trend that we can’t wait to style is the pointed toe slingbacks. You will find the pointed toe in short, kitten heel combinations, or even in low, chunky-heeled pumps.

This pointed toe trend started in the spring, with the uprising of the kitten heeled-pumps. It’s true that a few years ago, kitten heels were considered questionable — a design that didn’t make much sense due to such a teeny, tiny elevation. But in today’s fashion world, this specific shoe style seems like the perfect fit: It’s just dressy enough without sacrificing comfort or walkability, and that’s why we love it.

Heeled Denis Slingbacks, Zara

If you’re not a fan of the teeny, tiny heel, there is another option of pointed toe that is gaining increasing attention this summer: the chunky heeled pumps.

Whether your take on the trend will be the block heel or the kitten heel, there are endless possibilities when it comes to incorporating the pointed toe pumps in everyday outfits. You can pair them with long dresses, wide pants, or even large shorts. To give an example, we love how they look with cargo pants- the ankle drawstring creates a contrast between the narrow, pointed slingback, and the volume of the pants. If can’t go wrong this summer with pastel colored tops, a denim in a large fit, and your favorite shirt or sweatshirt.

  1. Maxi Mania: The Hottest Skirt Trend

 In the midst of this sizzling season, a new trend is emerging- and some say it’s a response to the clash between two fashion extremes. On one side, we have the daring fashionistas who fearlessly flaunt geometrical cuts and the shortest skirts that leave little to the imagination. On the flip side, there’s a surge in more conservative looks, where ballet flats and romantic tops take center stage. But let’s put the speculations aside, because here’s the exciting part: the maxi skirt trend offers a range of variations in hemline cuts, making it a versatile choice that can be adapted to fit many different styles. So whether you’re rocking the bold and daring or embracing a more classic and romantic vibe, the maxi skirt trend is here to let you express yourself however you like.

If you’re planning to make a statement with a maxi skirt, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit relatively minimalistic. As a next step, choose an item that aligns with the aesthetic of your skirt. For instance, if you’ve opted for a bohemian skirt, consider complementing it with mullets or ballet flats, or perhaps pointed toe slingbacks. To add an element of surprise to your outfit, we suggest incorporating an item that deviates from the overall aesthetic. For bohemian skirts, we find that a casual touch such as a knitted sweater works wonderfully. You’ll want a sweater or cardigan that’s versatile enough for all-day wear, not just for the cooler evening hours, so a lightweight wool that can effectively wick away sweat during the warmer daytime hours is recommended. We’ve had great experiences with the selections from Tara Irish Clothing, which offer both comfort and high quality.

Other than that, include your favorite jewelry and you’re good to go!

Source: Pinterest

In the end, following trends is all about having fun while experimenting with your style. It’s not just about copying what’s hot, it’s about tweaking it to match your vibe. As we wrap this up, just remember: trends are all good and fun, but at the end of the day, it’s all about you being you.