How to wear the stole?

A stole is a versatile garment that can be paired with any outfit. It is the perfect way to add an elegant touch to your look while cooling down in the summer. With so many variations and styles to choose from, there’s no excuse not to find the perfect stole for you. In this blog, we will teach you how to wear a stole in the right way so that you look absolutely amazing every time. From choosing the right stole style to choosing the right fabric, we have everything covered! So, if you’re in search of a new piece of clothing that will turn heads, try a stole!

How to wear the stole?

When deciding how to wear your stole, you first need to consider the type of stole that you are purchasing. There are a few different types of steals available on the market today and each one will require different styling techniques.

Zip-up Stole: A zip-up steal is made from a heavier fabric in order to keep you cool and insulated. As such, this type of stole should be worn over clothing that will take up more room in your closet, e.g., a sweater or bulky outerwear. Once you have chosen an outfit that will allow this type of stole to be displayed at its best, the rest is easy – just zip up!

With regards to placement and styling, girls should be zipping up their stolen over tops/shirts/blouses just underneath the desired shoulders.- If worn over shirts, it’s advisable not too much further down but still slightly above halfway up your shoulder. As this type of stole is made from a thicker, heavier material, you’ll want to wear it over something thick and heavy for the best look.

Long Sleeve Stoles: Long sleeve stoles are made with thinner material than zip-up styles and allow maximum movement when worn as they do not hold in temperature as much. As such, these kinds of steals can be paired with dresses or tops, which will show them off even more than zip-ups.

The way you wear a stole is the same as above – styling over clothing that has room at your neckline. It’s recommended that if worn on top of shirts, it should be further down towards halfway up or below this, depending on how “romantic” looking you want them to look without going too cheesy and trampy!

Tops seersucker stole: A pleated top stolen is made from a thinner material that allows for maximum movement. As such, this type of stole will be worn over tops/shirts and skirts to give these simple garments some shade! As the fabric used is so thin, you may want them tucked into your bottoms, but; they look best when worn as just normal button-ups as the sheerness from doing so will show off its layers of color and pattern in your outfit. I’ll be honest. They look really cute tucked into a skirt vice skirt.. but that’s just my opinion!

Top black pin folded stole: Black sharps are not only strong to hold heat, but it also opaques light which means you can wear many looks without going trampy or sleazy on any given day! So what’s not to love! At the very least, don’t let this stole hang down too low, as it can look a little pouffy.

Top ribbon Welsh: An alternative to the above is one where instead of sequins or beads, they carry long ribbons and balls them up like real ones in order that they make shapes and harden your neck. Simple yet elegant.. much like me. I really enjoy them, it works well and they make any outfit look colorful and also beautiful! I can’t handle the dress-up ones.

As said before, this stole is available in many styles, colors & textures, so it will hold plenty of capabilities for you to play with on your outfits.

Tips to Wear a StoleTips to Wear a Stole

There really is no definitive answer when it comes to wearing a stole, but here are some tips that may help you on your way:

1) Check the weather before you go out. If it’s going to be windy or raining, wear something with a hood, these will deflect and hide any unwanted attention.

2) Make sure the top of your outfit fits well- if it’s too tight or has weird fabric, then it won’t work as well as you may either a) look uncomfortable or b) get revealed.

3) Tuck the edges inside every now & again- this will stop them blowing in all directions and making too much of an effect on anyone who may pass your way! But beware not to tuck it any lower than is necessary. I’m sure there have been many serious accidents where people have invested at least 100’s of pounds just trying to find their earrings.

4) Accessories- if you have some, at the very least, don’t be shy about your necklaces and earrings. It’s nice to add a little sparkle or color. Depending on what look/occasion you are going for is up to you!

5) Don’t forget- people will always look at your closest/ front, not seeing that there is too much material hanging down, so hang it well as it’ll surely draw attention away from any other unwanted attention.

6) Carry a bag or small clutch in the same color as your dress/ outerwear to add that little extra pop of color on what otherwise would be an all-black outfit. It also opens you up to not only wearing clothes with more variety but an easier way to find said items as they’ll definitely stand out!

Wearing the stole has never been so fashionable! If you’re looking for an elegant and stylish way to show your support for your favorite team, this is the perfect way to do it. Wearing the stole is a great way to show your team spirit and make a fashion statement at the same time. As described in detail, there are a few tips and tricks on how to wear the stole like a pro.