Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

The fashion for transparent clothes smoothly moved from the catwalks to the red carpet: now one, then another star appears at social events in so-called “naked” dress or long transparent skirt. The actual trend was moved beyond the limits of shows and photo shoots and the models themselves, boldly combining weightless and translucent skirts to the floor with equally frank bodysuits, blouses, and crop tops. In real life, such bold decisions are not always appropriate. With what to wear in 2018 a long transparent skirt for girls who do not want to keep up with fashion, so as not to look vulgar at the same time?

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

What are the long transparent skirt and what to combine them with?

The long transparent skirt is too ambiguous a piece of clothing to be called universal. Rather, it is an extravagant detail that goes far from everyone and can easily cheapen and even debase the most thoughtful image. However, the skirt of the skirt is different, and the number of different models of transparent fabric is so great that any woman can choose the appropriate design and set, regardless of age and type of figure.

To classify all this wealth of styles will help the classification of models by:

  • degrees of transparency (partial, full, with patterns and inserts);
  • on color scale (black, white, red, pastel and decorated with prints of the product);
  • by type of material.

Skirts, transparent at the bottom

Such models can easily be worn by respectable ladies, and not just girls with a perfect figure and slender legs, as long as the opaque part reaches a “decent” level, for example, knees or a little higher. You can combine them with classic blouses, shirts, comfortable shoes at low speed, as in the photo.

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

Transparent skirts

The transparent upper part obliges you to use a petticoat of a suitable color if you are not brave enough to put such a skirt on the linen, as in the example in the photo below. It looks interesting transparent fabric over a narrower model of the same tone or related shade. In a tandem with such a complex bottom, a simple, classic top will look good – a solid sweater, top, blouse, perhaps even in a romantic style, with a bow on the chest, frill or ruffles?

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

With transparent inserts and patterns

Inserts and patterns made of a transparent material on a non-translucent fabric will give originality to any look. The most modest and appropriate even for an office dress code look horizontal transparent stripes on the hem of a long skirt or slightly higher, up to the knee. This outfit can be complemented by an elegant jacket, turtleneck, bright blouse with a neckline, and the skirt itself will look even on women with a non-ideal figure, without drawing attention to the flaws.

Vertical inserts and large patterns along the entire length of the skirt look quite frankly, but they can make you visually slimmer, sleeker and taller.

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

Fully transparent skirts

The long skirt made of transparent fabric in 2018 became one of the brightest trends, but only very brave girls can afford this type of clothing. In order to arouse admiring glances of men and envious women, you must not only have an excellent figure (after all, by and large, all your charms along with the shortcomings will be visible) and self-confidence but also good taste. What looks bright and spectacular on the red carpet or on stage will seem vulgar and challenging in everyday life. That is why you should not completely copy the stellar images, combining a transparent bottom with a transparent top, lace bodysuit, underwear, high-heeled shoes, and large shiny decorations. The top should be modest, like underwear, and as close as possible.

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

Plain transparent skirts and models with prints

Today, the trend is black and white models on the floor of a transparent fabric. They favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure, revealing the elegant, slender legs and toned hips of the fashionistas. The white color is more suitable for warm seasons, walks along the seashore, beach parties and restaurants under the southern sky. Black is versatile, it can be combined with strict blouses, revealing tops, bustier bodice, flat shoes, stilettos, and coarse grunge-style boots.

Transparent skirts with prints – polka-dotted, flowered, with an abstract and even animal painting – look very bright and original on slim women of any age. Here, too, it is important not to overdo it with the details. Gentle peas will help reduce the degree of shocking that brings transparent material to any image, and large flowers and patterns will make the outfit not so provocative, translucent. It is better to wear such a model with a neutral top – plain T-shirts, tops, shirts in men’s style or laconic cut.

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

Lace, mesh, organza, chiffon, veil

For sewing transparent skirts designers use a variety of materials. In demand are models from light chiffon, several layers of organza, and an air veil. With such a multi-layered style, they lose a bit of transparency, but still remain the privilege of the youth style. The grid with large and small cells is more suitable for catwalks than for everyday wear, but lace models look simply amazing. If the lace pattern is quite dense, then it is enough to put on the linen in tone, in other cases you can use a monochromatic or contrasting petticoat.

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

What can you wear any transparent maxi skirts?

Long skirts have always been considered a model of femininity, covering most of the girls’ charms and exposing only the ankles and feet. They are seduced by hinting. The transparent fabric is devoid of half hints; on the contrary, the style of the transparent long skirt itself is only a hint of clothing. How to beat this hint winningly, every woman decides for herself.

Top part

Brave girls who decide to repeat the fashion trend and are not afraid to seem vulgar should try to combine a transparent long skirt with the same blouse. The thinnest fabric of pastel, creamy, another low-key shade in a tandem with a black skirt veil and tight underwear without frills will look luxurious. Another version of the transparent top is a bodysuit, one-colored, of smooth fabric or with lace inserts.

Those who are not ready for such frank looks are recommended to wear a long transparent skirt with closed or classic top: warm knitted sweaters or light turtlenecks, T-shirts, shirts, crop tops, shirts, blouses. Jackets and jackets should be shortened. A coat, a down jacket or a classic trench coat can hardly make a beautiful set with a long transparent skirt. Shoes are recommended to choose on a low run unless you are going to a glamorous party.

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

Tight smooth underwear to match

This option is optimal for fully transparent models. Black skirt with black underwear (panties, shorts with a high waist and slimming) looks stylish and moderately outrageous, but not vulgar. The same can be said about the combinations of pastel, cream, beige skirts and underwear. Slimming and corrective panties will not only cover intimate parts of the body from prying eyes but also make your body shape more toned, almost perfect, “hiding” the tummy.

Shorts and leggings

Short shorts to match the long transparent skirt, tight leggings or even seamless tights completely level out the shocking image. True, this applies only to sets of black shorts or leggings and skirts. If you wear a red skirt with red leggings or even blue and black, the result will be more than challenging. However, for the image in the style of grunge or thematic party – just right. The variant with jeans of a contrasting shade looks youthfully bright and not at all vulgar, as in the photo.

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

With petticoats, sundresses, dresses, mini skirts

This option is suitable for girls and women who are not going to show around their legs and hips but agree to bring a little coquetry into the everyday look and give it a seductive zest. A beautiful petticoat made of monophonic or contrasting material can not only cover your charms from prying eyes but also add chic and grace to the transparent material of the upper skirt. The same applies to tight dresses, long sundresses, especially as there is a multilayered trend today. It is interesting to look for sets with satin, cotton dresses or, on the contrary, short mini-skirts with long transparent fabric on top, looking out from under the transparent tulle, chiffon, organza. The last option has already become a classic and can be played up in different ways, combining with tops in lingerie style, lace blouses,

Long Transparent Skirt In The Women's Wardrobe

Choose your version, style and color of a long transparent skirt (or even several at once), and experiment, combining it with different types of clothing to stay in trend!

By Madani