Pantene Repair Go A Restorative Experience For Your Hair

For many women hair is a very important part of our image and we always try to take care and keep it healthy. We even have an emotional connection with our hair or do not raise your hand … the first that has not ever been annoyed that we have a different cut than requested. Recent studies have shown that we even cancel appointments or job interviews because we are not comfortable with our hair at the time.

Pantene Repair  Go A Restorative Experience For Your HairTherefore, it is advisable to have a routine that allows us to keep our hair in perfect condition. While it is important to do this throughout the year, there are times when you need special emphasis, as now, after the summer, because the hair is more spoiled by the effect of the beach, sea water, the pool chlorine or sun.

In Pantene are very aware of the need for these special care and so the other day I could taste his line in Repairs and Protects Repair Pop Up Store they created to put our hair up for the fall. The idea was similar to car workshops and was well organized: a tune for our hair, a “pit stop” that will repair our manes punished through different monitoring points.

First, Rafael Artero, Shampunier Pantene hair I checked to see what my damage. The main signs that indicate a damaged hair are dullness, split ends, dry hair and brittle and inelastic. Every day we use dryers, curling irons, irons or tintamos our hair with all types of products, there are also more pollution, we feel more stressed … a myriad of factors that influence our hair loses life.

Rafael is an expert and I performed several tests, including a micro for my increased hair like under a microscope, but also gave me some tips and evidence that you can do at home to know if you have a damaged hair:

  • Test the queue: a queue and reticular yourselves a hand. Pass the other hand from the tip to the root upwards and checks appear loose hair.
  • Test slide and drag: take a single hair, dreadlocks between the tip of the index finger and thumb and Slipper nail down to the tip. If healthy, the elasticity of keratin will make rice, but the more smooth stay, will have more damaged your hair.
  • Stress testing, Gather with one hand a lock of hair near the scalp. With the other, id stretching and loosening the lock down slowly until you reach the ends. If the hairs are broken, it is a sign that your hair is not in good health.

After this diagnosis, they went to wash my hair and apply myself to protect the recommended products. In my case, I could try the Repair & Protect shampoo, ideal for strengthening hair every day, hydrating from the root, a line is completed with a conditioner and a mask that will give new life to our hair. I also tried the Blisters Rescue 1 Minute, that seemed magical to me, allowing 6 months to recover hair damage. I really noticed the difference and finish washing my hair was silky to the touch and with incredible shine.

Meanwhile, they also gave me some useful tips that should always be considered and behaviors to avoid when washing our hair:

  • Always wash your hair with warm water.
  • Use conditioner and mask, but only in the middle areas and points, not the root.
  • Do not rub the hair by applying shampoo or enrosques all leather hair at the root.

Finally, we turn to the drying phase, where Paul Robredo, expert barber Pantene finished giving life to my hair with a beautiful hairstyle and the repairman Tips Open the Advanced + Keratin Repair range of Pantene Expert, cream smooth texture and finish that gave a touch of vibrancy to my hair. This range is completed with a shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatment, all specially designed to prevent the loss of proteins (especially keratin) and maintain the strength of our hair every day.

In addition, it also gave me a few tricks that will prevent drying and styling our hair suffers:

  • Do not screw the hair on the towel to dry it, do it with gentle pressure
  • Do not use the brush with wet hair
  • Apply heat shields before using curling irons or
  • Do not dry your hair all at once, better to go strand by strand
  • Doing too tight ponytails or buns
  • If your hair is curly, always use a diffuser to dry

The result, as you can imagine … my hair was full of shine, with more body and volume, as well as elastic and silky smooth to the touch, a mane full of life that could be seen with the naked eye. Only by maintaining a routine with appropriate products and help our hair can achieve a dramatic improvement in a very short time each day and keep it healthy. For my part, I have it clear … with Pantene Repair & Go ran out of “bad hair days”.