Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

A stylish winter coat is a classic piece of clothing for the harsh cold. In the conditions of a long cold season, it is required to choose, first of all, high-quality outerwear. Not only the appearance but also your well-being depends on the right choice. Do not be in a hurry to give preference to such popular options as feathers. Fans of elegant style today have plenty to choose from. Many manufacturers have learned to sew such models that can withstand a rather serious minus. A good coat will warm you even in severe frosts and will be worn for more than one season.

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

The task is required to be solved at once in several planes. First, choose warm materials, second, do not forget about stylish trends and take into account the features of the figure. Finally, there are special details that will add to your winter dress and style and practicality. If you approach this task wisely, then you will not want to part for a very long time with your favorite coat.

Selection of materials

Thinking about how to correctly choose a coat for the winter, pay paramount attention to the properties of the fabric. The ideal option is a wool base.

For the winter, these types of wool are best suited, such as cashmere, alpaca and drape. Professionals advise you to perform a simple test to make sure the wool is warm enough. Carefully consider the density of weaving of fibers; the material should be dense and thick, without free gaps.

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

The method of processing wool also affects the consumer properties of clothing. In addition to the traditional woven fabric, the following types of wool material are well suited for a stylish winter coat:

  • The incredibly warm material is remarkable for its amazing softness and printed relief. Fashion designers like to use its rich texture to create models of exclusive design. Often the winter coat of dried wool is sewn by hand.
  • The material is so dense that it is similar in structure to feel. Boiled wool has excellent water-repellent properties and is ideal for wet and snowy weather.
  • Pretty rough stuff that came into fashion in 2018-19, because today the ball is ruled by the Military. It is from warm matting sew uniforms.

Examine the label carefully. Many modern models of coats are made from inexpensive synthetic materials with a slight addition of natural wool. Even famous designers sin with it. The label is a well-known brand and the high price does not guarantee the naturalness of the fabric.

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

Sometimes in the category of woolen coats, products consisting of 80% of synthetics fall. In a good natural combination, the number of artificial additives should not exceed 10-20%. Experts note that polyester not only does not protect against frost but can lead to an unpleasant smell.

How to choose a heater

To withstand particularly low temperatures, women’s stylish winter coat is additionally insulated. There are different types of insulation:

  • Based on wool (Sherstipon, Thermolite);
  • Based on synthetic fibers (synthetic winterizer, holofiber).

Innovative insulation has a number of unique properties. For example, Thermolite, made from the wool of polar bears, can withstand temperatures down to -30 ° C. The leading manufacturers of winter clothes use which has a multilayer structure with microcells. It heats up from the heat of the human body and works like climate control, that is, it heats in the cold, and when it gets warmer outside, it is not hot in it.

Sewing quality

A stylish winter coat is worn for a long time in harsh conditions (frost, wind, snow), so it must be sewn to the conscience. Carefully inspect the item before purchasing. The stitches of a quality product should be made with frequent stitches, without scraps of thread. Patch pockets and other parts should be sewn symmetrically.

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

To determine the class of tailoring, fashion designers recommend checking the lining and trim coat. These are good quality indicators. Pay special attention to fur parts (collar, hood edge). If, after fitting, you notice fur on the clothes of the villi, this indicates poorly made furs.

How to choose a stylish winter coat on the figure

  • Owners of the silhouette of “eight” incredibly lucky. Almost any style will sit on them perfectly. Even more emphasize the perfection of forms can be, denoting the waist with a belt or leather belt. Length to the knee line will balance your proportions.
  • If the figure belongs to the type of “triangle” (narrow shoulders in combination with volumetric hips), you should give preference to models with the volumetric decor in the upper part. Details such as wide lapels, massive collar, fur capes or contrasting inserts visually expand the shoulder line, balancing them with the volume of the hips.

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

  • The silhouette of an “inverted triangle” to the accents in the lower segment. A single-breasted winter coat with narrow lapels, flared hem, basque or patch pockets is ideal for you. Styles with a richly decorated top should be avoided.
  • If your figure fits into the “rectangle” type, that is, it has approximately the same shoulders, waist and hips, do not neglect the original tailoring. An asymmetrical, sophisticated cut is for you. You can afford a plethora of details such as wide lapels, unusual collar designs, shoulder straps, belts, and patch pockets. They will make the image more feminine and elegant.
  • Miniature slender girls can safely choose a tight-fitting style. The optimal length – to the knee or slightly below.
  • Owners of the size range 36-40 advise you to look at the double-breasted coat.
  • On corpulent ladies will look best A-shaped silhouette.

Recent seasons in trend overcoat overlays. The masculine cut gives a charming fragility to the woman, shifting the focus from the figure to the individuality. But the truth is that such coats are suitable only for happy owners of photo model parameters. Tall, slender girls feel great in it, but the young ladies of a small sprout do not become more attractive.

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

Select special features

Incredibly comfortable detachable hood for a stylish winter coat. You can vary your image depending on the weather and mood. Removable fur will also make your coat more versatile. Some stylish additions not only decorate outerwear but also make it warmer. Details such as laces, belts, furry and fleece lined pockets add comfort and warmth.

Size matters

Coat for the winter is desirable to choose not only by the type of material, style, and color but also the correct size. Under the top warm clothing should be free space for layering. Going to shopping, take the most voluminous thing from your winter wardrobe, for example, a knitted sweater. Put it on before trying on under the coat. This advice is especially relevant if you decide to buy a new outfit for the winter in the summer.

Such a “smart” approach will help avoid another unpleasant moment. Some manufacturers sin by supplying free-cut models with rather narrow sleeves. Consider this moment. Here are some more tips on how to measure a stylish winter coat correctly:

  • Wrap your shoulders. The fabric should not strongly pull back.
  • Walk through the sales area, the floors of clothing should not be collected in the legs.
  • If the coat restricts movement or loosely loose, look for another size.
  • At the correct coat of a sleeve reach the middle of a palm. If the thing sits on you perfectly, and the sleeves are longer than necessary, consider the option of fitting them. In some stores, this is done for free.

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

Style Secrets

The styles of women’s coats are incredibly diverse. Among them are redingot, trench coat, coat-coat, Chesterfield, top coat, Spencer and others. Unlike winter options such as a fur coat, sheepskin coat, and down jacket, you can choose the right coat for almost any style. Consider the most popular models.

  • Classic. Inherent attributes of timeless classics: elegant silhouette, minimal decoration, first-class matter and a calm range of colors. In contrast to the male, the female models are characterized by a fitted cut. Ultrashort length is not welcome; the classic coat is sewn to the middle of the thigh.
  • Double breasted. The second name of this model is the coat-jacket because it was the designers who borrowed it from the sailors’ wardrobe. On the shoulders of women of fashion double-breasted cut began to perform a purely aesthetic function. As a rule, the pea coat is short and has a turn-down collar, two rows of buttons and patch pockets. Some models are supplemented with a belt. The pea jacket is intended for a warm winter since fur collars and hoods are not used in it.

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

  • Coat bathrobe. Another name is kimono coat. Distinctive features of this model: free fit and lack of fasteners. The coat is fixed with a belt around the waist like a robe. The advantage of this style in its comfort, as well as the fact that it looks great on any woman, regardless of height and builds. The length of the coat bathrobe depends on your taste.
  • With smell. Particularly spectacular look zapashny models made with a hood or a wide collar. The advantages of this style – aristocratic and practical in one bottle. Wearing it is incredibly comfortable. The coat with a smell can have a fur collar and a belt. Fashionistas are captivated by the opportunity to choose a stylish winter coat with a smell for any type of figure.

Rules For Choosing A Stylish Winter Coat

  • A-shaped silhouette. A trapezoidal cut is also versatile. It is suitable for both thin and so charming women who want to hide the roundness of the figure. In this case, it is important to take into account the growth, since the trapeze coat can visually shorten the shape.

How to choose a stylish winter coat depends largely on your priorities. If you are looking for a practical product that will not be demolished, focus on the quality of sewing. If you want to call admiring glances of others, take a closer look at the trendy novelties. It is unlikely that they will be relevant for several seasons, so the quality is secondary here. The main trump cards – style and color. Are you afraid to freeze? Choose a coat with good insulation.

Of course, ideally, I want to find something warm and stylish at the same time. We hope that our advice will help you make a decent choice!

By Madani