Hair Straightener

Hair Straightener?

Hair Straightener? How about the return of the girls holidays? How are you doing on Monday? I, after having been away for a few days, I come with one of those transcendental reflections in life.

How important the hair straightener has become for me. It is essential in my travels and, of course, in my day to day life . What would I do without her? Before I was much more of a dryer. I needed it for everything, but now I’m not going anywhere without my iron. I have had several of different types and prices. But without a doubt the best I have ever had is my new GHD in red. It is a real wonder, at first it took me a bit to take the trick to comb my hair. But with practice I managed to make some pretty decent waves, And smooth or I’ll tell you, it’s amazing how good it is and how little it takes. My friends gave it to me for my birthday and I totally flipped because it weighs nothing. It is comfortable and very cute. Here is a picture of my inseparable new friend.

I have seen that GHD has just released new models in several cool colors to release the spring. My favorite, of course, mint and yellow.

And although the GHD are great, the problem is that they are affordable for everyone because of its high price. So I’ve been looking for cheaper models of plates and have all the news in this field, such as Longueurs iron, Magic Volume, which has a cover around to give more volume, great for girls with very straight hair.

Hair StraightenerOr this one of Artero that has no cables and is charged with a battery, sounds very comfortable and modern do not you think?

These Rowenta  have automatic temperature adjustment. So you do not have to worry about changing it yourself. They are more expensive than the previous ones, although cheaper than the GHD. I have a friend who has bought the second one recently and is delighted with her acquisition.

Hair StraightenerThis one from Braun Sensocare is of the GHD price style. It has sensors spread across the plates that adjust the temperature as you pass the strands of hair. “Intelligent temperature”, which is called.

The ones you can see below of Remington and Babyliss are very well priced. They have ions and ceramic plates. In addition, the second comes with a thermal cover to keep the iron. That besides being very practical is very cute.

And finally, if you want to save space in your travels and still have the advantages of a good iron. This Babyliss mini iron is perfect!

Hair StraightenerRecently we have tested some new hair straighteners. It’s about the Karmin G3 Salon Pro. No doubt they have become our perfect allies to get ideal hairstyles. They are a last generation plates, which achieve professional results and a fabulous shine in the mane. We leave you the link to the review of this product that we liked so much.

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By HieuJa