With Z Of Zapatos

And with Z from Zara! I have a problem … There is no room for more shoes in my life … Since I was little I had fixation for them and it is something that over time has only made worse … I still remember my first red dancers (maneuvers, as my mother says) And my first patent leather shoes (they were so beautiful that I did not use them for fear and in the end they were small) … I love the shoes!!! It is what least laziness gives me try me and what more satisfaction gives me buy.

My roommates have already given me the closet of the entrance, I have a few drawers in the furniture of the living room and under the bed I cannot fit more shoe boxes! I’ve thought about starting therapy but making it so difficult for me this year that I think its best that I leave it for the next one…With Z Of Zapatos

And it is that for me it is practically impossible to leave Zara without a pair of shoes under the arm…

Zara Shoes

There are so many!!!

One of the most present colors in Zara’s spring shoe collection is pink. There are as many options as you can think of … I have attached some ideal raspberry suede stilettos! I would have taken them if it was not because a week ago I bought the peep toe in the middle (40 dollars), also suede and with a color so sweet that makes you want to eat them … The powdered rose also abound on the shelves, one of The options are the type Chanel with the tip of patent leather in black and the padded plant.(Dominique has them and says they are very comfortable) or the peep toe with straight and undone, which are ideal, as a canvas and it sounds like they cost 55 dollars! The best are inspired by a Louboutin I saw in the March issue of Vogue (page 128 and 284)! I have not found them on their website but, for more detail, they are satin, fuchsias and have a heart attack … If any comes with surplus of the holidays, I would have it clear!With Z Of Zapatos

Zara Shoes

And green is also another possibility! I love both options! The first one with a small heel and a moderate heel is ideal to go to work! I have seen the same design but in denim, very cute although I stay with these. I do not remember the price, but I guess they are between 40-45 dollars! And the second that carry platform and a higher heel for $60? I think so … Do you want to know why I resisted. Because I have some very similar from last year, lighter green and with the metallic heel!!! I am becoming responsible…With Z Of Zapatos

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And to these I could not resist!!! The first because they have fundamental ingredients that would make them the ideal shoes: peep toe, platform and heel … Not to mention the color, the fabric, the style they have for only 45 dollars … And they would be the ideal shoes but outside because All they have of bonito, they have it of uncomfortable! But I get along well, I suffer with gusto! And the seconds stick with everything and always … If it were not because they have an incredible heel that makes me tune my balance … I put them last week to work with jeans, shirt and American and Saturday to go out with jeans shorts and blouse White silk … For now I have put them twice … Do you think I will pay them off?With Z Of Zapatos