Browns Zapatos Shoes 

Have you ever seen the program Love it with zapatos shoes or List it, Your house to trial, well today I will do the same with my zapatos shoes? The other day I finally finished the hated change of cabinets, and like all seasons I take winter shoes that I kept last year and now I pose three questions: I’m going to put them ? Do I give? Or do I keep them for another season in which I may suddenly like them again? And there are always doubts.

Zapatos shoes A Trail For Everyone

Zapatos shoes ? It has never happened to you that one year you have thrown some garment that another year you missed, or on the contrary one that you did not throw away and that you always ask yourself why you did not? (When I say throw I say give, I always wear the clothes to the church, or a used clothing box, after flea market with my friends)

Well today I bring my doubts to see if you help me with the decision making because the truth is that I am with a thousand doubts I tell you!

These booties of Zara I have put them to the satiety. It is not that they are spoiled but like that they have been deformed a little, in the photo in which I go out with them I see them as finite, recently released, but they are now rare. My doubt: do they stay at home or move to another?

Zapatos shoes

Black Zapatos Shoes

Black Zapatos Shoes 

I took them out this summer and I have not worn them once, and I have to decide whether to keep them for next season, and not put them back on again or if you never know them, or give them away. Disadvantages: they have internal seams that make you hurt.

Browns Zapatos Shoes

Red Zapatos Shoes 

These nude patent leather I have not put them this summer, well maybe once, but it is that I have been deformed and not cleaned well. At sight is These I’m almost decided, I donate! But I feel sorry.

My homeless boots , as my sister says, I love with certain looks, but for the office I do not wear them because I see them too informal, to go out either, I like them with spring looks with a skirt. Like the ones in the photo. Is it worth it to keep them one more season? Secret: This spring they stayed at the bottom of the shoemaker and I forgot that they existed.

Browns Zapatos Shoes

Browns Zapatos Shoes 

These wedge boots I bought a year in which there was a real boom in this type of footwear, I think it was in 2017-2018, I think since then I have not put them back a lot. But they are new! Question: Do I keep them for their fashion returns? So that my daughter inherits them?

These coral-colored lace-up ankle boots by Bimba & Lola, I’ve literally put them on just once, was for a wedding puff at least 4 years ago, and it’s the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve ever bought in the history of my wardrobe shoes, they are not ugly, maybe a little past. But I’m sorry to give them away they cost me a dough! What would you do?

Finally my boots Hazel how I liked that store and what a pity that it closed! I call these my power ranger boots, I have not worn them for years, but in their day I put them on a lot, they have an eighties touch that I love, and every year when I put them back I say, ‘next year I will I put ‘. and they never fall on my feet. I’m sorry to get rid of them. Do you think I’ll ever put them back in my life?

Well, these are my existential doubts this week, I wanted to do a different post and as I pulled the whole bridge at home resting my ankle, and changing cabinets it seemed a good idea to share it with you, and so I see your opinions and like me. I clarify. That I have the entrance of house full of bags without knowing what to do with them.

And the same thing happens to you?

Changing the subject tomorrow morning I go to Granada until Monday of cows, a little gift of birthday, I have a lot of desire! Because I have not gone since I was little I went with the school, so if you have any recommendation. It will be welcome.

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