The New Of Mango Sport With Andy Torres

Mango Sport

Mango Sport? The Catalan firm Mango has chosen the Mexican blogger Andy Torres ( stylescrapbook ) who lives in Amsterdam, to show us some of the garments that make up his new sport collection. At first glance, they are comfortable, light and adaptable garments and I love the colors they have chosen, such as black and purple. I have also been seeing the prices and they are quite good, in fact there are some items that have a discount on their website so if you are thinking about it, take advantage!

The line consists of sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, windbreakers, trousers, tops … and is divided into 2 parts : on the one hand the clothes for running and on the other with which we can practice yoga-type relaxation sports. What sports do you practice? Yesterday I started running after a few months disconnected from the gym and other activities and almost gave me a shock! How can one lose the physical form so soon? It’s amazing! With the effort that costs us to get it … and now I have lace up in the eyelashes! But this cannot be so I have proposed to go for a run between 2 and 3 days a week, because the truth that comes phenomenally both physically and mentally, do not you think?The New Of Mango Sport With Andy TorresThe New Of Mango Sport With Andy TorresThe New Of Mango Sport With Andy Torres

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By HieuJa