7 Common Characters of Fashion Addicts

7 Common Characters of Fashion Addicts

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1. Indulge In Social Media

What’s life these days with or without social media? You are a big-time fashion addict if you are constantly pressing ‘like’, ‘share’, and ‘comment’ on some of the popular social engines, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

2. Blog About It

If you are not doing OOTD (Outfit of the Day), sorry then, you are a plain Jane. One of the key Fashion habits you need to cultivate and share with the whole world is the latest and the hottest in the fashion community (including tracing the celebs and their EX, who they are going around with and in which part of the world – beach/mountain/Swiss Alps etc…got the clue?).

3. Career In Fashion

Gone are the days when PCB (Physics- Chemistry-Biology) or PCM (Physics- Chemistry-Maths) were the only career choices. You love fashion (including one on yourself) and thanks to a plethora of magazines (welcome online magz.), you’d love to make a career in the fashion industry. There are so many fields you can pursue now that you are addicted to fashion – from a model, designer, photographer, and stylist to a writer. There is no harm in working for free or going in for paid internships. You have to get your foot in the door first, courtesy of wolfwinner online casino.

4. Shopping Is Their Birthright

Since you have a fetish for buying new things (never mind if your room has no space for one more product), go ahead and shop for the latest earphone, scarf, or shoe. Considering the fashion addict you are, there is always a credit card to sail you through. No point in missing out a shopping deal, when you want to be the first one to book it. Only then will you look on-trend.

5. The Go-To People For Fashion Advice

When it comes to sharing the latest updates on fashion trends and must-haves, it is great (in fact an honor) to be a single point source. When you make fashion a habit, you are half way through in becoming the ‘most wanted’ girl. Imagine being always there for your group of friends in terms of giving them personal recommendations on costumes and makeup or taking them along as a shopping guide. The best part is being able to share your outfit with your friends. Goes to show that #sharingiscaring.

6. Window Shopping Favourite Pastime

The best way to spot fashion addicts is by their window shopping skills. Even if a skirt, shoe, or handbag is not needed, just doing window shopping helps elevate their mood. The feeling of being surrounded by the softest cashmere or silk or diamonds is unbeatable.

7. Shopping Is Discovering The Lanes And Bylanes

Your neighborhood stores and fancy boutiques are always there by your side to help you with your fashion habits. The real treasure lies there – just waiting to be discovered below heaps of racks. And then there is a Sample or Preview Sale dedicated to exclusive members on the shop’s database list. Being a fashion addict is a special feeling, and for the right reason. So be curious and fearless when it comes to adopting new patterns, colours, and shapes in your wardrobe.