Mou Boots: The Coat for Your Feet

For the start of the cold season, the Mou Boots are the coat for your feet. And in your store to buy clothes online we will tell you how many types of this seasonal footwear there are and how to take care of them. Get stylish with these boots that look with all your fall/winter outfits. Continue reading so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Meet the Mou Boots: the coat for your feet

The feet are one of the parts of the body that we must take care of and keep warm in the cold season. What better to do with the right shoes to maintain body temperature at a midpoint, which will not warm you too much, but you will not feel the imposing cold either.Mou Boots: The Coat for Your Feet

The Mou Boots are ideal to wear when the cold is intense. Now that we are starting the autumn season, they are perfect to show off even with women’s jeans, a thick woven cardigan, and a scarf. You will achieve a very in look. Of course, do not forget the trend complements oversized earrings, sunglasses with round eyeglasses, and if you like a fedora.

The Mou brand was founded by Shelley Tichborne in London, England, in 2002. They are born from the desire to create an original and luxurious footwear, ideal for the city. The brand grew in popularity in a short time, and celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz have used them.

Characteristics of Mou Boots

  • These boots are characterized by being very comfortable, just by seeing them, we know that’s the case!
  • They are soft, resistant and warm.
  • In addition, they distill style and distinction.
  • The classic model is sheepskin, with an internal heel.
  • They are ideal to take to the field or to the city.
  • Handmade seams

Mou boots, also called Australian boots, are a seasonal sensation for women. Their comfort, quality, and versatility make them the preferred footwear during the cold season. They have the ability to isolate moisture and cold without losing style.

Types of Boots Mou

From celebrities to It girls in various parts of the world, they combine their Street style outfits with Mou boots. The result? A very original and sophisticated look that you can take to the office, to a romantic dinner, or a walk.Mou Boots: The Coat for Your Feet

Most Mou boots are made of nubuck, a kind of fine and delicate leather. Others are made of a metalized synthetic material, while the original model is sheepskin. You will find different options to choose depending on your style and preferences.

There are models for women, men and girls, and boys. And not only there are winter options, which are the ones that are in fashion this season, you can also buy options for spring/summer, such as Swedish type or sneakers. Here we tell you which models you will find in the market.

  • Woman: for the autumn/winter season there are sneakers, ankle boots, medium and high, slippers, with the internal heel, sneakers and Swedish type. While for the spring/summer you will find sneakers, high boots, ankle, with the heel on the outside, espadrilles and Swedish.
  • Girls: for autumn/winter there are sneakers and medium boots. For spring/summer, there are type sneakers.
  • Men: for the autumn/winter there are medium boots, slippers, and sneakers.

You will get different types of Mous boots with which you will look equally elegant and stylish. For a fresh outfit dress them up with an oversize dress, suitable for this early fall. You can also try taking them to the office with trousers and a blazer.

These boots combine with everything. So let your imagination fly and make original combinations that reveal the authenticity of your personality.

If you are one of those who cannot live without walking in heels, you will love the models with heels. Some have the heel on the outside, while others have it covered. Whichever you choose will not exceed 5 cm in height, so you can walk firmly and safely on the snow.

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Tips to take care of your  Mou Boots

The Sheepskin Mou boots are the most vulnerable to losing the look with which you bought them. There are several reasons why they can deteriorate: rain, snow; the contact with nature in the park, the forest, the countryside … day by day makes your seasonal shoes lose their bright color.

Follow these recommendations and tricks to clean and care for Mou boots. You will only need soap, water, brush, chalk (used to remove stains) and vinegar. As you can see, you will not need any extraordinary products, surely you all have them at home.

Depending on the deterioration of your boots, you might need a spray stain repellent. You’ll get it in some house for shoemaker products. This is highly recommended to remove stains embedded in nubuck skin.Mou Boots: The Coat for Your Feet

Steps to clean the Mou boots

You should regularly clean your boots with soap, water, and a toothbrush. You do not have to worry about damaging the appearance of your boots.

  1. What you will do and before each deep cleaning will be dust off your boots and superficial dirt. This will not damage the appearance of your winter shoes at all.
  2. If after removing the dust from your boots you see that they are still dirty, proceed with this step. Take water and pour some neutral soap, with the help of the brush or cloth you will spread this mixture all over the boot. Be careful to rub or scrub hard, you must do it with extreme care. In the part where the seams are, you should clean more delicately.
  3. To rinse the shoe moistens with water a soft and clean cloth. Repeat this step until you have removed all the soap.
  4. In the same way, you will clean the inside of your boots, use water, soap cloth or soft brush and delicacy.
  5. To remove them we recommend that you take periodical paper and fill your boots with it, this way it will absorb the humidity. Place them in a part where fresh air circulates, careful not to give sunlight. You will need about 24 hours to dry quite well.

Keep in mind that the Mou boots of sheepskin can be worn without socks, so we recommend that you spray an air freshener spray on the inside of the footwear. Or, use some homemade method to remove the bad smell, such as baking soda.

The Mou winter boots are a basic seasonal that should not be missing in your capsule wardrobe. You can combine them with different outfits and look good.

Tricks to remove stubborn stains on Mou boots

Remove stains of grease or mud

Maybe you went on a trip to the forest or the mountain, it rained hard and your boots have muddied in puddles. Or, you went with your friends to eat some junk food and your boots have gotten dirty with sauce. Do not worry; we bring you a trick that will surprise you how efficient it is.

Grease, dry mud or the color of a chemical additive can detract from the beauty of your boots, so to combat them we recommend that you use a white chalk in case the warm water and neutral soap have not been effective.

Try to clean your shoes as soon as possible, because the longer you take to do it, the harder it will be to return the original condition to your boots.

What you should do is rub the chalk over the stain, wait a couple of hours or more. Then remove the chalk excess with the soft bristle brush. Now, do all the steps that we indicated in the previous segment: dusting, washing, rinsing, and drying.Mou Boots: The Coat for Your Feet

Ideal boots for the cold

The Mou boots are ideal to combat the cold. They keep your feet at a good temperature so you do not get hot or your feet get cold. This makes them perfect to take them wherever you want every day.

You can even buy some slippers to use at home. The Mou brand has a lot to offer in the footwear market.

In a short time, you will become a fan of this shoe, which is available for both adults and children. They look adorable; they also feel good to keep warm and can continue playing and enjoying despite the low temperatures.

And do not worry about how often you use your boots, they will be ideal to wear in autumn and winter because they are very resistant and durable. And, as you know how to take care of them, their appearance will be preserved for longer and you can use them for several more seasons.

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The Mou boots are the overcoat for your feet this season, their resistance, comfort, and coverage will protect your feet from the freezing temperatures. The comfort they provide will make you forget to take them off. Still, do not have them? Become a pair here, in our store you can buy Mou boots.

By Madani