Shopping is as important for college guys as it is for girls. The guys often think about shoes and gym clothes, but there’s more to it than that. Your college wardrobe must account for what’s appropriate in class, at work, or going out with friends. Basic wardrobe essentials include:

Appropriate Legwear

Jeans are still a hot item in colleges. They come in a lot of styles and colors, so having a few different varieties can yield a nice choice in your wardrobe. Jeans with a dark wash and no holes are great for dates and for casual work environments. Cotton-blend pants, or flat-front chinos, are presentable and are found in conservative colors such as black, khaki, brown, or in brighter colors. They come in different styles too, so shop around to see what suits your style.

College guys love to wear shorts in the warmer weather (some keep the spirit going even when it’s cool). Cargo shorts are acceptable. Dressier shorts with khaki or grey can blend well with other clothes in your wardrobe.

A Fitting Top

For college men, polo shirts are versatile and go with jeans, shorts, or even dressier pants. If you wear a t-shirt underneath, choose a polo that matches. A layered look can be stylish as well. Long-sleeved, button-down shirts are quite versatile; the sleeves can be rolled up when it’s warm. They go with different types of pants too.

There’s no doubt men in college find themselves getting used to dressing for different occasions. A sweater is great for staying warm and looking good, especially V-neck, crew neck, and cardigan sweaters. It’s also wise to have a button-down top, and a suit and tie. Formal interviews, weddings, and funerals demand upscale styles of dress, but there are still times for that I love the smell of sawdust in the morning shirt.

It’s All in the Shoes

A pair of shoes may be great for one occasion, but not appropriate for another. Sneakers, flip flops, loafers, and other casual shoes are a necessity. You want to look the part when relaxing, and feel just as good. Dress shoes must match your dressier clothes, as should the socks you wear during those times. Also, look around for a nice, stylish belt to compliment the look.

Something to Stay Warm

A nice, slick jacket can make a great impression during the cooler weather. That hoodie might provide comfort. It’s not, however, very appropriate during a meeting, internship, or date. Trench coats are an example of a more upscale style. Wherever you go, try to dress the part, and you will fit in, look like a guy trying to make a good impression, and who cares about their wardrobe.