Slides are a very convenient shoe that you can wear practically any time and anywhere. Even though they’re so wearable, there are some times when wearing slides is more ideal.

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Here are the top 5 reasons where and why you should wear slides.

After sports

Originally, slides were intended to be worn in the shower after sports games. Since they were made for this exact reason, obviously wearing slides after any after sports activity is a great time to wear them for two reasons. The first one is because they let your feet breathe after your activity. Letting your feet get fresh air is great because it lowers your chances of getting any kind of infection. Bacteria thrive in warm, wet places, which is exactly how shoes are when you do sports. In some cases, this bacteria can cause infections in the toes, toenails, and the skin of the feet. To help prevent anything bad from happening, be sure to take off your shoes after you exercise, and put on a pair of slides to let your feet air out a bit.

The second reason is because slides can help your feet recover after a long, hard workout. Since they provide so much comfort and support, they allow your foot muscles to relax a bit, which can help prevent injuries and also promote recovery.

At the beach or pool

Any kind of sandal is preferable to wear when it’s hot outside and you’re by the water. Slides, however, are particularly great because they allow your feet to breathe properly and not overheat. Also, since they don’t have any kind of strap or latchet, there is no uncomfortable rubbing of the skin when you’re putting on slides with wet feet.

If you’re wearing them at the beach, they’re particularly nice because you can easily wash off the sand that you pick up while walking.

When dealing with an injury

When you have any kind of foot injury, wearing slides is always recommended. Whether it’s a bothersome toe or a problem with the arch of your foot, slides can really aid in the healing process. In fact, most podiatrists recommend slides because of their arch support and high comfort levels.

Additionally, they are great for low-impact activities, like walking, which is a popular remedy for foot or leg injuries. The support and comfort they provide are beneficial for your feet and can aid in your recovery.

When running errands

One of the reasons slides are so popular is because of their convenience. You just slip them on your feet and go! For this reason, wearing slides is perfect while you’re running around town doing errands. In a rush? Not to worry, just slip your slides on and go!

For style

Probably the most obvious reason to wear slides is for their looks! Slide sandals have become a super popular shoe in the last decade and are now a wardrobe essential. Their versatility, comfort, and affordability have made them a staple in today’s fashion.

The slides that started it all were the black and blue slides that lots of athletes would wear. Those are still one of, if not the most, popular slides available. Now though, thanks to the fact that there are hundreds of brands and looks to choose from, people can find their own perfect pair and show off their unique styles!