Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019
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Homeland style smart casual, which appeared as a fashionable phenomenon in the middle of the last century, was Italy. It is a cross between a familiar, everyday casual style and office chic. More specifically, smart casual style for women combines an office dress code, comfortable daily life, and elegant luxury. The style has no clear boundaries, but it presupposes the presence in the women’s wardrobe of high-quality, practical, as comfortable as possible things that perfectly fit the figure, giving their hostesses refinement and refinement without excessive sexuality.

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

General principles of creating women’s fashionable images in the smart casual style

The main criterion for choosing clothes for a smart casual look is its perfect quality and minimum decor. Women’s look in the spirit of elegant everyday life is distinguished by simplicity of style of clothes, laconic design, comfortable cut, smooth fit of body lines without deliberate underlining, muted shades and classic colors.

To create an image in a trendy style will allow a set of basic things that are appropriate in cool and hot summer weather. So, the wardrobe fan of the new fashion trends should include:

  • sheath dress or any laconic dress no longer than 5-7 centimeters from the knee;
  • pencil skirt;
  • chinos or classic jeans, cropped, tight-fitting or straight models, trousers with arrows;
  • along cardigan without a course or fine lace knit, made of neutral knitwear or a smooth fabric;
  • a suit jacket (worn unbuttoned) or a Chanel-style jacket;
  • comfortable and beautiful classic shoes (pumps, moccasins, loafers) on a low or low run, heels, glasses, medium-sized stud;
  • moderately loose sweater, sweatshirt;
  • laconic blouse, shirt, white or pastel t-shirt of the highest quality.

All the above-mentioned things should sit perfectly on you, not hamper your movements, you should feel comfortable and confident in them. High quality is the key to the most moderate chic and elegance, and the versatility and interchangeability of clothes from the basic wardrobe will allow you to change the image in no time, turning from a businesswoman into a girl hurrying to date, shopping for friends or a party, as in the photo below.

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

Fabric and cut for things smart casual season summer 2019

For casual chic clothing, it is typical to use exquisite but discreet fabrics with a smooth texture. In the summer, it can be natural or good rayon, viscose, fine knitwear, cotton, flax with additives to give moderate elasticity. For evening smart casual, cashmere, woolen fabrics are suitable, but there is no place for screaming shine and texture of satin, velvet, velour, lace and other excessively pathetic materials.

The cut of smart casual style clothes is simple and sophisticated. Fabrics are pleasant to the touch and to the body. All dresses, blouses, jackets should fit the figure, not fitting it, leaving room for movement, as in the photo from our selection.

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

Design of summer women’s clothing in the style of smart casual

In the trend conciseness. No ruches, frills, laces, bows and other decors should not be on clothes or smart casual shoes. Pleasant to the body fabric, shallow cuts, dresses of modest length give the woman a mystery, elegance, chic without gloss and pathos. Rhinestones, sequins, sequins, embroidery – leave it all for evening looks and days off, because the smart casual does not tolerate unnecessary details. You can combine dresses and jackets, blouses or shirts and jeans (only classic or tight-fitting cropped blue or black without any decor), a simple white T-shirt and costume pants or chinos.

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

Colors, shades, prints and their combinations

Classic and basic colors of the color palette predominate in summer women’s clothes of smart casual style: white, black, gray, cream. They are complemented by shades of brown, noble blue, wine, bottle color, pastel, and nude range. Dark trousers and skirts are traditionally combined with light blouses and shirts, dresses – with jackets and cardigans. The combination of light dresses, trousers, and skirts with suitable shades of blouses and jackets, as in the photo.

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

Bright colors, neon shades, funky prints, inscriptions, and children’s cartoon drawings are completely missing. Monotone wardrobe smart casual can be diluted with blouses and dresses with stripes, light cage, small peas, goosefoot. Special chic is the ability to choose the outfit in a single color range of different gradients. Such options look good in a pastel-cream palette diluted with burgundy and wine accessories. Also in the summer look relevant, “collected” of things pale-turquoise, olive, bottle or dark blue tones.

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

Smart casual shoes and accessories

The color of the shoes in the style of everyday elegance is determined by the dress code and practicality. Most often (and this is the most convenient) classic and close to her clothes are combined with black, dark brown, dark blue shoes, low shoes, moccasins, oxfords and brogues for women. The heel is obligatory, at least a small square and steady, but the stud should not be high, otherwise, one of the main conditions of style (practicality and comfort) will not be met.

When choosing options, proceed from classic tandem shoes with dresses, skirts, and trousers of traditional discreet cut. Strongly does not accept the look in the style of smart casual sports shoes. Sneakers, sneakers, slip-on shoes, as well as open sandals, sandals, and shoes without a backdrop, are not appropriate either in the summer or in the fall.

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

Accessories in the women’s smart summer uniform must be present in the summer, but in minimal amounts. Bags – simple and concise, classic shape and color, as in the photo, without rivets, rhinestones, embroidery, and other decors. It is acceptable to use discreet jewelry and jewelry: one thin chain with a weightless pendant, a similar bracelet or Earrings-studs with pearls or diamonds. You can add zest to a smart casual outfit with the help of a branded summer headscarf, low-key stole, sunglasses.

Smart Casual Style For Women In Summer 2019

Dress simple, but elegant, fashionable, but without pathos and glamor. Use classic wardrobe items of current, but convenient design and accessories as bright accents, emphasizing the elegance and practicality of the image in the spirit of smart casual style.