Realness Of Concealers, The Benefit Camouflage Kit
Realness Of Concealers, The Benefit Camouflage Kit

It sure happens to you all. There are days that we run out in the morning and we do not have time nor to put us corrector of dark circles. At other times we spent the day outside working and if at night we needed a little bugger in the face. Benefit has created the perfect.

solution: Realness of concealers a small, but effective corrector’s kit with which in 5 minutes you can look different. By the way, all these mini products have their normal version to have them at home.Realness Of Concealers, The Benefit Camouflage Kit

Bo-ing: it’s a miracle cream under the eyes. On one side it covers the eyebrow very well and is not limited to just lighting, like other Touch Éclat correctors of YSL. Being in cream the coverage is much greater but at the same time does not dry and avoid those unsightly wrinkles around the eye contour.

Ooh the Lift: is the second essential step to get camouflage dark circles. With a few drops of this pink liquid the look glows and the eye seems much more rested. It can only be used if you are lucky and do not have dark circles.Realness Of Concealers, The Benefit Camouflage Kit

Limp Plump: I think it’s the only product of this brand that has not convinced me. A lip colored liquid that supposedly increases the volume of the lips and helps to fix the bar. I personally was very doughy, but it is also true that I only use clear shades of lips that cannot cover this base.Realness Of Concealers, The Benefit Camouflage Kit

Lemon-aid: I am one of those who do not use shadows every day and I think that happens too many. If you want to avoid the powdery shadows but you want to illuminate the eyelid, this is your product. It is a shade in cream of pale yellow color that helps to unify the eyelid and to eliminate the own rednesses of this zone. It also serves as a basis for applying shadows and getting them fixed.Realness Of Concealers, The Benefit Camouflage Kit

The best: the dark circles corrector together with Oh the Lift !, are magical. Also the box is cute.

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The worst: Limp Plump, only suitable for girls who make up their lips a lot.