There Comes A Revolution For The Lips Rouge Dior Baume

Dior Rouge Baume is the new creation of Christian Dior Couture, a compromise between a lipstick and gloss. With them lips are enhanced with an almost transparent subtle color, with complete elegance and finesse.

There Comes A Revolution For The Lips Rouge Dior BaumeNatalie Portman, Dior muse undisputed symbol of natural beauty, it becomes Dior’s new campaign image for Baume Rouge.

FashionBaume Rouge Dior signature look dazzling, refined beauty naturally. Its formula is now 10 times richer in natural origin ingredients conventional bar lips.

Crystal Oil, which contains the formula, Dior innovation labs, creates a thin film on the lips that fills, regenerates and protects them with great care and a bright color.

Its melting film, but not fat, gives color and spectacular shine, providing comfort and durability. It is the handler and easiest to apply of all Rouge Dior, because as I said before, contains 10 times more oil of natural origin.

14 shades inspired by Christian Dior’s passion for flowers and gardens. A corsage dress 14 colors lips with Dior couture elegance. Coral shades lighter or intense, perfect for all occasions roses.

Christian Dior presents four star shades that celebrate the history of the Maison Dior

  • STAR 128: transparent pearly tone perfect golden highlights to enhance the lip contour or finish a lipstick.
  • 468 SPRING: soft, glowing coral.
  • LILI 558: velvety raspberry.
  • DIORETTE 688: intense fuchsia, vibrant color hit on the lips.

The case also Rouge Dior luxury dresses for this special occasion. Lengthening silhouette and adorned with a silver ring with cannage theme, iconic Dior.

To accompany this collection of lipsticks, you also have, lip liners, nail polishes and blushers