Tutu Skirts

Who says choosing children’s clothes is easy? 🙂 there are some people who say it’s easy because children are usually obedient to their parents, but more people find it difficult when choosing clothes that are really suitable for our children. it will look ugly.

What often happens is this, we as mama are ok ok just in our opinion, but there is a debate with our daughter when the child feels uncomfortable with her clothes. Well, if that happens it’s not funny to fight in a children’s clothing store.

Apart from all that, we try to share tips on how to choose clothes for our children, consider the following tips:

1. Material

Make sure the material of the shirt has a fabric that is comfortable to wear, soft and has good sweat absorption. Pay attention to the child’s expression of being comfortable or not when wearing it, lest our children become irritated because we overdo what we like.

2. Size

In choosing clothes, a mama must be wise to choose the right size, the theory is not too loose and not too narrow. It’s hard to find criteria like that, but at least look for the child who feels comfortable moving without feeling short of breath.

3. Color & Motif

This is important, lest we choose the color of the shirt, but adjust it to our favorite color or favorite motif when we were girls 🙂 because a mommy and cute cute girl have a different perspective on color. Children like bright and jarring colors … but don’t be tacky :). Choose floral motifs, animals, soft patterns or your child’s favorite cartoon character.

4. Model Clothes

You must be up to date, of course, when it comes to the trend of today’s clothing models. You may follow the trend, but the thing to remember is, choose a trend that the motives of children like, do not let you choose colors and trends that make children seem older than they should.

5. Adjust the event

Make sure your child uses clothes according to the event if, for example for a birthday/fashion show, you can use Tutu skirts, but when you go to the mall wear clothes a little relaxed so your child will also be comfortable.

Now you already know how to choose clothes for your child. When it’s ok, let’s go shopping …