2019 Knitted Hats Fashion Trends

Many girls refuse to wear hats. But when the warm season ends and every day becomes colder and colder, everyone starts to wear hats. Representatives of the weaker sex prefer more attractive models. Therefore, we have prepared for you an overview of the most stylish knitted hats in 2019 fashion trends.

Fashionable knitted hats and other hats in cold times – this is a very important accessory that does not allow our heads to freeze. This item of clothing is every person. Fashionable women prefer to wear more modern models. Nowadays, it is quite possible to find the most interesting style. Today we will talk about knitted headwear.

Knitted hats – the perfect combination

These hats are perfectly combined with any outerwear. They can be worn with a jacket, coat, down jacket and even with a fur coat. They also fit any shoe. With the help of such a cap, it is possible to create a stunning image.

Recently, all knitted is very popular. Walking along the street one can see in people hand-knitted bags, backpacks, scarves, sweaters. Fashion designers knit dresses and even suits.

2019 Knitted Hats Fashion Trends

A huge number of different caps allow us to choose a specific model that fits accessories or makeup. We have compiled a list of species that are relevant today.

  • Hats with earflaps;
  • With ears;
  • Classic;
  • From angora;
  • Hose clamps;
  • Large mating;
  • Berets;
  • Caps;
  • Tarban;

To date, hats are so diverse that even the most discriminating girls will be able to choose for themselves the ideal option. As soon as autumn comes, women of fashion want to have time to snatch all the best.

2019 Knitted Hats Fashion Trends


Nothing better warms your head like a hat. It envelops the great honor of the face, neck, and neck. Young girls are embarrassed to wear it, but if you choose a fashionable knitted earflap, you can look stylish.

There are several styles of earflaps. They are made with pom-poms, tassels, patterns, with an upper lapel and various inserts. On the Internet, there are many photos that you can see and choose the most favorite option.

With Ears

This is definitely the trend of the current season. Only a courageous and extravagant woman of the weaker sex can wear a hat with ears. In order for this type of headgear to fit you perfectly, you need to make no mistake with the cut and color.

It is necessary to give preference to more juicy colors. In the business, the style will fit perfectly: brown, gray, white and other shades of it. There should also be a minimum of decor.

Timeless classics

Classic hats are the simplest. There are no decorations on them. Suitable for everyday wear. Perfectly combined with a sporty style. This view is preferred by most women.


With such a hat, winter will not be terrible. It is warm, light and soft. Does not leave marks on the forehead, as happens with other more rigid models. It’s not scary to go outside in the bitter cold. It is very compact. At any time it can be removed and hidden in a bag. In this case, its appearance does not spoil.

2019 Knitted Hats Fashion Trends


This type simultaneously plays the role of a headdress and a scarf. The peculiarity of the clamps is that they are worn freely and do not fit the head. This allows you not to spoil the hair or styling.

Such models are most preferred by young girls. Since they always care about their appearance. And the cold does not allow looking beautiful. But with the help of a cap-snud the image almost did not deteriorate.


These are hats connected by large viscous. They serve as a headdress and a great original accessory. At first glance, it seems that such products look ridiculous and are not combined with any outerwear. But in fact, fashionable women gladly wear it along with a coat, down jacket, and so on. Designers have worked well to create new styles. Already, every woman will be able to buy a fashionable and stylish bini cap.


The current season is not complete without beret caps. They remain relevant for several years in a row. The fair sex likes the fact that they add to the image of glamour and chic. They fit perfectly in business style, romantic, street and other styles.

It is worth noting that berets are suitable for owners of faces of any shape. Only when choosing is worth paying attention to some details. For example, a round face will look great if it takes to wear obliquely.


Combines the cap visor and the base of the usual cap. They prefer individuals who value style and convenience. But not all this view fits. Slender women fit almost any hats. And if you have an oval face and a magnificent figure, then you should pay attention to three-dimensional models.


Looking at it, I immediately recall something eastern. After all, in appearance, it is very similar to a turban. The effect of this cap gives the complex interweaving of knitted fabric over the forehead. You will definitely stand out from the crowd if you buy yourself such a hat.

You are familiar with all kinds of fashionable knitted hats. We hope that you have already made a choice in favor of one of them, with our help.

By Madani