Linen Clothing - The Best Option For The Summer

The days when the fair sex sacrificed health and comfort in a changeable and capricious fashion remained in the distant past. Today, women are unlikely to want on a hot day to drag them into a tight corset or to dress in a beautiful costume made of breathable material. For stylish summer looks, ladies prefer linen fabric – one of the most elegant, light, and hygienic. 100% linen material can be found on sale, as well as linen with the addition of elastane, cotton, viscose, nylon, etc. Not surprisingly, they differ in structure. Fabrics can have a shiny or matte surface, be dense or translucent, have a pronounced bruise effect. The popularity of fashionable linen clothing for women is due to its first-class consumer properties:

  • the ability to reflect the sun’s rays;
  • hygroscopic;
  • good compatibility with other types of fabrics, so you can create a fairly original effect;
  • air permeability;
  • strength;
  • hypoallergenic qualities (which makes things from linen cloth indispensable for people with sensitive skin);
  • Lightness and airiness.

Fashionable clothes from flax do not lose their relevance for decades. And today at fashion shows such outfits are quite common.

Linen Clothing - The Best Option For The Summer

Linen clothing for women: styles, colors, decor

Fashion innovations for 2019/20 are a huge selection of colors and designs. In the coming season in trend outfits of rich and bright colors, as well as neutral tones. As a decoration for stylish blazers, dresses, culottes, blouses, designers use sequins, beads, rhinestones, hand-made embroidery, and floral appliqués. Elegant women’s sundresses, dresses are often complemented with lace, guipure. It is difficult to find a girl who would not fit clothes made of the linen fabric. It is only necessary to learn how to choose the right silhouette, based on the characteristics of your physique.

Linen Clothing - The Best Option For The Summer

Dress shirt: features, photos

For a casual and light everyday look, designers recommend a flax shirt dress. With the help of the robes that form the A-silhouette, the owners of any type of figure will be able to create their ideal image: slender beauties, as well as women with seductive curvaceous forms. Often the dress-shemiz (in French chemise means “shirt”) is nothing more than a belted shirt or a tunic with a long/short or bat sleeve, allowing you to hide excess volumes on the hips, full arms, and shoulders.

Models semi-adherent silhouette favorably emphasize the waist. However, they usually do not close their knees. Women with an hourglass shape can complement them with a thin, contrasting color belt. Thanks to the laconic cut, the outfit is combined with various types of shoes (except for thin studs), with decorations and accessories. Going on a trip, by all means, purchase such a dress. Complemented with spectacular accessories, it will make your look fresh, romantic and stylish.

Linen Suit

He looks noble, spectacular and elegant. The trouser suit is an ideal, not breaking the balance between practicality and fashion, an option for the office. You will never feel hot or uncomfortable in it. The advantage of such models is that they are well combined with strict shoes, shirts of classic cut, ties. The main problem is ironing because the material is easily crushed. Experts advise stroking it without waiting for the cloth to completely dry (in a slightly damp form).

Linen Clothing - The Best Option For The Summer

Fashion clothes in the style of bohemian chic

Combining folk and oriental motifs boho attracts attention with its extravagance. The women’s clothes made from flax in this style seem to be specially created for the hot summer days. Natural fibers of the fabric do not interfere with the free breathing of the skin, helping to maintain comfort in the hottest weather. Strict and extravagant, loose and semi-adherent, maxi and ultrashort dresses, boho-chic skirts look particularly advantageous when made from linen. Girls who are not fans of dresses, skirts, designers offer interesting models of trousers: culottes, breeches, overalls of linen in the style of boho. At the peak of popularity in the coming season, trousers, wide flared boho pants-Aladdin.

Linen Clothing - The Best Option For The Summer

Lyon is an inelastic fabric, so the fitting styles are not usually sewn from it, but flax clothes made in the style of bohemian chic are endless possibilities for implementing the most extraordinary design ideas. The final touch in the summer image of the modern inhabitant of the metropolis – bright accessories. And here again, rescued flax. Beads, feathers, stones perfectly harmonize with linen thread – everything that craftsmen use to create jewelry. And do not forget about the bag with weaving or fringe.

Linen Clothing - The Best Option For The Summer

Products with embroidery and appliqué for women

Exclusive, romantic and elegant look styles with appliqué or embroidery. This type of finish is quite expensive so the cost of such things will be quite high. Applications, embroidery can be very diverse. On the catwalks in the new season were presented options with ethnic ornaments, oriental patterns, geometric print, plants, and inscriptions.

Linen Clothing - The Best Option For The Summer

Linen sundresses with lace

If you decide to create an image of a fragile, romantic and flirtatious young lady, take a look at a pastel delicate dress with a lace insert. You can wear it with colorful sandals for a day walk. An evening look will look great if you complement your linen clothing with heeled sandals. This outfit is suitable for accessories, decorations of any shades. Feel free to use large jewelry, long earrings, tassels, designer kits in one style (necklace, bracelet, and ring).

Linen Clothing - The Best Option For The Summer

Floor models

For a solemn and elegant look, choose linen maxi clothes. Long straight dress – the embodiment of femininity and freedom. Take care that a sundress or dress favorably emphasizes the dignity of the physique. If necessary, give preference to models with color contrasting inserts (from companion fabric, with drape in the chest area). Shades are better to choose juicy and expressive: orange, lemon, red or classic: black, powdery, white-boiled.

Linen Clothing - The Best Option For The Summer

Among the reputable European fashion houses, flax is perhaps the most popular material for creating collections of summer clothes for women. This is a unique fabric. Things from it are extremely practical, convenient, and durable. Whatever you choose: a dress with a bright color palette, a suit of pastel colors, a jumpsuit, you will become the owner of a comfortable, trendy outfit. Despite the fact that linen clothing has been sewn for several hundred years, it still does not lose its relevance today.

Flax models are firmly established in the wardrobe of those who take care of themselves. A natural, breathable, eco-friendly canvas is highly appreciated by girls who want to look perfect and want to feel absolute comfort even in the thirty-degree heat. He is able to please, surprise admirers of high-quality and original things.

By Madani