Types and styles of women's jeans

The first blue denim pants were released on May 20, 1873. Despite more than 140 years of history, these versatile pants remain incredibly popular throughout the world. In the US alone, 450 million pairs are sold every year. Only the fashion for different models of women’s jeans changes, which over time becomes more and more.

Surely, every woman is familiar with the problem of choosing the perfect jeans trousers. Sometimes it seems that the only pair found with an incredibly fashionable design, but it turns out to be absolutely not your style. It happens and vice versa. To search for jeans did not cause difficulties, you need to correctly match their name with the cut and figure out whether they fit your figure.

The guide to the main types of women’s jeans will help you to correctly navigate the endless “denim universe”.

The basic concepts of cutting

Some names will contain basic characteristics that should be remembered. There are only three such names:

  • Rise – landing (low, high, normal).
  • Fit – a type of jeans cut from waist to knee.
  • Cut (leg) – the breadth of the leg from the knee to the bottom (narrowed, flared or straight).

What are the models of women’s jeans?

  • Skinny. As the name implies, these are tight jeans that fit the figure. This type is often called “second skin” because it takes the form of your legs. They are sewn from elastic denim. If you want to demonstrate the charming slimness of your legs, this model is for you. Skinny jeans come in a variety of fit. Suitable for miniature girls with elegant forms.

  • Skinny Crop. This style is very similar to regular skinny jeans, with the exception that the leg length is shortened and ends above the shins. Some models are equipped with a gate. From the point of view of design and technology, there is not much difference between jeans called Skinny Crop and ordinary Skinny. Look great in white and black with scuffs. This shorter version will look stunning with a pair of tall ankle boots.
  • Jeggings. The name “jeggings” successfully combined the words “jeans” and “leggings”. Leggings from denim sewn from thin elastic denim. The complete the set a zone belt instead of a standard system of buttons adds comfort models. Even pregnant women appreciate the convenience of this type of jeans. They do not put pressure on the stomach, but they look as stylish as skinny. Jeggings are suitable not only for warm weather but also for the winter season. They keep warm well and are easily tucked into winter boots. Jeggings are available in different shades and colors: from calm blue classics to trendy, bright colors. Shirts, tunics, and tops below the hips line look great as the top.

  • Straight Leg Jeans (straight jeans). The straight fit is a conservative denim classic. The legs are approximately the same width over the entire length: denser on the hips, freer around the lower leg and ankle. Maybe this type of jeans is not the most stylish, but it always has its fans, as it is suitable for most body types. Calm non-aggressive style, which also helps to hide figure flaws. A pair with a high waist will make the legs visually longer.

  • Slim fit. As the name implies, these jeans are created by narrowed patterns in comparison with a straight cut. Unlike Skinny, they don’t fit the figure so tightly and are made from regular denim. As a rule, they prefer thin girls who are looking for comfort and style at the same time. They give you more space around your legs and, at the same time, emphasize their slimness. This type of women’s jeans looks good with tight shirts and sweaters.
  • Boot Cut. The literal translation of this name – jeans overlaid on shoes. Boot Cut slightly flared from the knees, have a longer leg, specially designed for shoes with heels. This is the same flare that our parents loved to wear. Modern types of boot cut are more narrowed than the original models, taking into account the trends of the millennium. They have a tight fit to the knees and then expand slightly to accommodate the shoes.

  • Flared Jeans. Another type of flared jeans. The flush of such a model is more extreme than Boot Cut. It was Flared Jeans that representatives of the hippie movement liked to wear. The bohemian style that gained popularity in the 60s, is rapidly gaining speed in the fashionable marathon of the 2000s. It should be borne in mind that in these jeans look, tall women. Tiny young ladies of a magnificent constitution of such type of trousers should be avoided.
  • Low Rise Jeans. Low landing on women’s pants does not lose its relevance, although a little pressed from the podiums overpriced models. They look great on women with a clearly defined waist. Low Rise Jeans are suitable for girls with an hourglass or inverted triangle shape. Ladies with roundness in the abdomen or hips better to opt for other models. Nowadays, when choosing a low-waist style, you have to carefully collect an image. For example, a short top in combination with Low Rise Jeans is a bow that will knock you back 20 years.
  • High Rise Jeans (High Rise Jeans). If you are a happy owner of a thin waist and lush hips, this type of denim pants will accentuate your feminine shape. Modern models are often made with the addition of elastane, thanks to which they tightly fit the figure and help to hide extra centimeters on the sides and the stomach. The contour belt with which some products are equipped helps to focus even more on the waistline. In the version with a high fit, you can find any names of jeans: skinny, straight, narrowed, flared and others. In general, this model can be worn by both slender girls and women with a plus size figure. Some styles have a belt-corset with buttons in one or two rows. It tightly embraces the torso and creates a good dragging effect.

  • Boyfriends. These women’s jeans have a loose, baggy cut that looks like you borrowed it from your boyfriend. Boyfriends with high waists are called even more original – girlfriends. Despite the change of name, their style remains the same: a worn and torn look often tucked trouser legs. This informal style is incredibly convenient for everyday bows, where the main dominant of choice is functionality. Stylists recommend combining boyfriends with the simplest things of your wardrobe, for example, a plain T-shirt, sweatshirt or shirt. The theme will be clothing in oversize style. You can also wear something unassuming on your feet: pumps, moccasins, sneakers. You can, on the contrary, play on accents and pick up beautiful shoes or sandals with heels as shoes.

  • Wide-Leg Jeans. Wide jeans have a tight fit and extended leg. In the photo, they may look like flared from the hip, but in fact, they are noticeably different from this style. Wide-Leg Jeans have the same width along the entire length of the leg, completely hiding the legs of its owner. They look very elegant in darker tones with waist. As decoration often used stripes, laces at the waist. For girls with narrow hips, wide jeans visually add the desired volume, and ladies with large hips harmonize the imbalance with thin ankles.
  • Relaxed fit. The name of this model accurately conveys the feeling of wearing such denim trousers. The “relaxed” cut, unlike the classic one, is looser, but not baggy. He assumes an allowance of several centimeters on hips, so as not to hamper movements. The relaxed fit is chosen by those women who usually fit a little bit tight in the hips. Or those who want more freedom, relaxing in nature, walking with children or going to the country. Ideal complement such jeans all kinds of sneakers and sneakers.
  • Mom fit. According to the designers, jeans called mom look a bit too big, even baggy. They hide the curves of the figure, transparently hinting at its elegance. The main feature is the high waist, which is made in a retro silhouette. The belt is sometimes elastic. Trousers in “mother’s” jeans often tuck or have a fringe. Artificial aging of the disease is welcome: scuffs and gaps are as relevant here as in boyfriends. In Mom fit, it is convenient to do any kind of domestic activity, which is probably why they received such an original name.

Types and styles of women's jeans

  • Sharovary. Denim trousers – loose-fitting pants, the bottom of the leg which is assembled with elastic or cuffs. Usually, they are made from soft denim containing a large amount of cotton or flax. By tradition, have a low landing. On the thighs, they are held with the help of elastic, thin lace, or a wide belt. Bloomers are best suited to owners of long legs. All the rest of the fashion designers are advised to combine them with a high heel to lengthen the proportions of the legs.

Women’s jeans, perhaps, like no other trousers, managed to adapt to the peculiarities of different types of shapes. They are free to fit into the desired style and at the same time not to lose their individuality.

By Madani