White party collection

It is necessary to recognize that the campaigns of Blanco surpass itself itself season after season. Photos taken care of to the maximum, original styles, supermodels more and more beautiful … but in 50% of the cases, I do not want to be exaggerated, when you find the garment in question, has little to do with what you dreamed.

White party collectionIn spite of it, whenever I can I take a turn. It’s the perfect store to buy clothes that I’m sure will only be used sparingly. Although sometimes there are small jewels , like a coat of a couple of years ago, I can already consider closet bottom.

White party collectionWe leave you all the images! Do you like the campaign? What is your favorite gift

The famous stockings of topitos with two looks at night.

White party collectionThis is one of the dresses that can naturally disappoint you. The design is very beautiful, reminds me of Balmain , but the fabric shines that gives pleasure. What do you think of wearing an honor word dress with white T-shirt underneath?

The sequins are more fashionable than ever. But please, always separate. O skirt or t-shirt not to dazzle staff.

White party collectionI think I would never dare to wear a bow tie, and they are one of the few things I say 100% sure. In spite of it, the look for the catalog I like.

These booties looked good … pity that Blanco’s footwear quality often spoils a good design.

Total Black Look plus light shoe. I’m asking!

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It looks like the jersey / dress wears studs on the cuffs, right? Although I have decided not to buy a single garment more than take them, I have to see the natural.

One of the most elegant looks. The American rolled up is a wise move.

By HieuJa