Things can become a bit more sci-fi than expected for next year as artificial intelligence and sustainable design is being brought to our lives, all inspired by the fashion show, ‘Stranger Things’ from Netflix, And this is one of the most important trends that will be expected next year. With 2017 just a few days away, FashionUnited shares the top trends to come in the next two seasons and those that will define the entire year, all with Edited data.

The rise of artificial intelligence for better personalization

The fashion shops and manufacturers of the moment are taking advantage of their competitors by accepting the future through advances in technology, and self-knowledge machines, as well as artificial intelligence. By using these new tools, consumers have new shopping experiences and new options when it comes to buying. The rise of online shopping and social media platforms like Facebook now offers marketers an open window to new markets just a click away, can analyze what their customers buy and want to their wish list and Your fingerprint. The greater the experience of consumers in online stores, the easier it is to bring brands closer to their wardrobes.

Not surprisingly, Edited is already occupying an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to identify garments and products in photographs and images for the improvement of its services. However, AI is being used by other vendors alike, such as the outdoor apparel brand, The North Face, who occupy software to show their consumer’s different products and recommendations based on their wish lists. Fashion sellers are also updating their personalization services, as well as their tools to promote accessories, handbags, and footwear to satisfy the unique desires under their preferences.

Accepting sustainable design

The fashion industry, as well as its broad sectors, have recognized the needs of changing current business models, and are learning to be more sustainable in all aspects, from their products to the design and use of their articles. In particular, fast fashion and sustainability are known to be on two completely different sides of the industry, and brands are having difficult times finding a midpoint. But with a demand for sustainable products increasing, by 2017 this trend is predicted to be even larger.

Fashion makers are ready to have a more critical eye on creating better quality products, which have to be designed to have greater longevity and have less impact on the environment with the purpose of approaching the personal values of Their consumers. Fashion brands have already started to produce more sustainable garments, such as H & M and Zara, with collections ranging from $ 17.99 per garment to $ 9.90.

Driving lifestyle

2016 witnessed the explosion of different market categories, such as the term “athleisure”, which is predicted to reach $ 83 trillion by 2020. The birth of these sub-categories has made fashion brands create new Lines for the satisfaction of its consumers, becoming brands of ‘lifestyle’ globally. A large number of leading fashion brands have launched different lines under this new trend, including Zara and Kate Spade, or it has been seen how different celebrities have collaborated with big brands in the name of this new trend.

In 2017, Edited encourages designers and fashion brands to look beyond the classic styles and support new styles for the satisfaction of their consumers, so they can change lifestyles. Fashion brands also continue to expand their products and services to offer new experiences to help consumers pay more attention to brands and create loyalty among them

Mobile innovations to capture the attention of consumers

This year, we saw the birth of the trend of consumers to prefer their mobile devices as their way of connecting to the world, including how to buy. While mobiles have quickly become the dominant access point for consumers, fashion brands have become dependent on social media to have a rapprochement with their consumers.

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The most exclusive fast fashion store, Topshop was one of the first mares to offer its consumers the opportunity to live complete experiences in their store’s thanks to 360-degree videos, while brands like Diesel have collaborated with technology brands to create experiences Of virtual reality unique to its consumers. So whether they are videos in 360 degrees or virtual reality that makes you see how the clothes are left to your body, everything is scheduled to improve in the coming year.

The return to the 80’s, one of the key trends for 2017

‘Stranger Things’ creates waves when it comes to being streamed by Netflix, and its influence on the fashion world will create an even bigger impact for 2017, according to Emily Bezzant, Chief Editor of Edited. The second season of this hit show on Netflix is scheduled to launch in the middle of 2017, but the vibes will impact the Spring Summer 2017 collections … imagine spandex suits and casual pants for the office, or holanes during the night. The trends inspired by the 80’s will make a great comeback.

The key jeans form for 2017: Mom jeans

2017 will also be the triumphant return of the mom jeans. Characterized by their wide legs, mom jeans are the key to next year’s style, and is already making a big impact in the last months of 2016. The somewhat retro fashion is already enjoying the interest of consumers, proving that they are Large purchases for next year, according to Edited data. In 2017, mom jeans will continue to be popular, both in low-priced stores and in high fashion houses. For example, in the luxury market, ripped pants were a hit for Spring Summer 2017. The shape of the mom jeans will also be part of the return of the 80’s era to fashion and will become an important part of the Fashion of next year.